Paul Nehlen’s “ShallNotCensor” social-media law


2/ We must put , and my proposed legislation

“. Hypocritically, the same companies that support net neutrality also want to censor your speech. We say no.”
For purposes of this legislation, “censorship” includes:
• Denial of platform access and normal use thereof (e.g., lockouts, suspensions, bans)
• “Shadowbanning”
• Issuance of “verified” status based on any factor(s) unrelated to identity authentication
• “Throttling” accounts and/or content without disclosure
• Embargoing content (i.e., no “memory-holing” content without the consent of the creator)
• Manipulating “trending” algorithms without disclosure
• Demonetization
“Lawful speech” is based upon the standards enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, with the following limitations:
• No child pornography
• No explicit, credible threats of physical violence
• No publishing any individual’s nonpublic residential address, telephone number, or email address without their consent”