More professional performers in Orlando hoax

Rodney Sumter


This Rodney performer was allegedly shot 3 times while working as a bartender.

Chris Enzo, a professional D.J. with an IMDb entry for producing music for a violent video game, showed up to tell the press what “injured” Rodney allegedly said happened before he was taken to the hospital:


Notice that D.J. Chris Enzo performs at ‘trap‘ events that include sodomites masquerading as young women. This terminology was included as an inside-joke on the ridiculous series of bizarre instant messages that one Orlando “victim” allegedly texted to his mother before supposedly being killed.

It appears that most of the people involved in the Orlando event are professional performers in one way or another. America has once again, with the help of the lying treasonous news media, been duped by a hoax performed by crisis-actors.

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Again! Crisis-Actor Baron Serranno


In the page below Baron Serrano’s ‘about’ description admits that he is an actor:


From the New York Times:

Barron Serrano said his brother Juan P. Rivera Velazquez, 37, who loved bodybuilding and karate, had been married to Luis Conde, 39, for 13 years, a partnership he said they had worked hard to nurture. Both were Puerto Rican. “They had a bumpy relationship, at first; it was not easy and they had ups and down, but they always forgot about their problems and stuck together,” Mr. Serrano said. “They were a very happy couple.”

How many coincidences?? All of these people are crisis-actors. They are laughing in our faces.

Another Orlando Crisis Actor: Jeannette McCoy


Jeannette McCoy was allegedly dancing with ‘Angel Colon,’ the guy who claimed he blocked a shotgun blast to his head with his hand. McCoy says she could smell blood during the “shooting”:

“People were dropping because they were getting shot. People were desperate to get out, trampling each other. I could smell the blood. I could smell the fear. “People were getting shot and dying right next to me.” McCoy said the male pal she was dancing with was shot but is expected to survive. “I have a friend in the hospital who took a bullet for me,” she said. “He was behind me . . . He’s in surgery.” (NYPost)

McCoy is a wanna-be celebrity has-been as can be seen by her bio: acted in Fantasy Lingerie Football League, posed for Playboy, and performed in World Beauty Fitness Fashion “WBFF” contests. This shallow narcissist has posted about a million vanity pictures of herself online.

This woman has clearly been involved in the ‘entertainment’ industry for years, but today appears to spend all her time at the gym and being a small-time rep for a multi-level marketing vitamins company. Another coincidence? I don’t think so. I think we can conclude that this Jeannette Mccoy is a pathetic crisis-actor and willing to do anything for a buck.