Steve Bannon’s Wardrobe problem

Donald Trump lives by the motto “Dress for Success” and he demands the same of the people who work for him.

White House adviser Steve Bannon isn’t fitting with this program.

All the president’s men wear a certain uniform – the dark suit, the white collar shirt, the monochrome tie – except for Mr Bannon.

Steve wears sport coats, khakhi or grey slacks, and is often tieless with his grey or black undershirt showing. When he does manage to wear a tie it’s with a striped or blue shirt and has some goofy button-collar that won’t lay flat.

Bannon is brilliant, successful, and wealthy – but his attire game is lagging behind. He still has that rumpled-journalist look from his Breitbart days.

Unfortunately Trump is a shallow character and probably foolish enough to judge Bannon based on these appearance trivialities and reject his good advice with an unconscious contempt. Bannon already has poor complexion, an unkempt shaggy hairstyle, and is overweight. He is only making his credibility with Trump worse by also dressing like he “doesn’t belong” at the White House.

His poor clothing choices are giving an advantage to the slippery neo-cons and establishment rivals who are seeking to oust him from having the president’s ear.

For the sake of the nation, Mr Bannon needs to go to Tyson’s Corner Nordstroms ASAP and stock up on a raft of fancy all-white flat-collar dress shirts, long boring ties, and tailored dark suits.