Demon possessed judges rule against Christian bakers

Three demon-possessed judges in Oregon have decided that the Christian religion cannot protect a businessman from being forced by evil customers into endorsing sodomy:

” We conclude that, under Employment Division, Oregon Department of Human Resources v. Smith, 494 US 872, 110 the final order does not impermissibly burden the Kleins’ right to the free exercise of their religion because it simply requires their compliance with a neutral law of general applicability, and the Kleins have made no showing that the state targeted them for enforcement because of their religious beliefs.”

How exactly is it “neutral” to give sodomites the power to force a Christian into producing products that endorse the abominable sin of sodomy?!?

The court says the anti-discrimination law doesn’t specifically “target” religion, but that has nothing to do with it.

The dykes attempted to hijack Sweetcake bakery to make a product that would endorse their sex perversion. The baker didn’t refuse to sell “neutral” cakes to them because they were queers, he refused to comply with their attempt to make him share in their guilt. They targetted him for coercion and he refused to produce a product that would act as an endorsement of their fake marriage contrary to the laws of God. He would not compromise his values.

The “motive” for why Oregon passed their idiotic non-discrimination law is irrelevant: it’s its misuse by hypocritical sodomites. They are pretending it gives them the right to strong-arm sincere Christians into performing acts that signal that approval of sodomy.

“In response, Aaron quoted a Bible passage from the Book of Leviticus, stating, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” Cheryl left and returned to the car, where Rachel had remained, “holding [her] head in her hands, just bawling.” When Cheryl returned to the car, she told Rachel that Aaron had called her “an abomination,” which further upset Rachel. Rachel later said that “[i]t made me feel like they were saying God made a mistake when he made me, that I wasn’t supposed to be, that I wasn’t supposed to love or be loved or have a family or live a good life and one day go to heaven. When Rachel and Cheryl arrived home, Cheryl told Laurel what had happened. Laurel, who had been raised Catholic, recognized the “abomination” reference from Leviticus and felt shame and anger. Rachel was inconsolable, which made Laurel even angrier.”

Can you believe it?! That insane court based its award of $130,000 on the fact that lesbian sodomites got their feelings hurt hearing a businessman tell them truth from God’s word, that they are an abomination.

These idiot judges are an abomination, too. Their ruling is completely unacceptable.

They ignored the baker’s religious rights. They assert that Oregon had a neutral motive in mind when it passed the non-discrimination act, and that was about it. They acted like “free speech” was their only concern, but did away with that argument quickly.

The central argument by the bakers should have centred on the deceptive and dishonest tactic of sodomites who pretend that any non-approval of their sex perversion equates to an act of discrimination against them.

Also the 13th Amendment says nobody can be a slave – forced to make things for sodomites that they don’t want to make. But the court concludes that if Christians can’t be forced to bake sodomite cakes, then “racists” (like all our founding fathers) will be freed from all the wacky non-discrimination laws the imposed upon them over the last 50 years! The Bakery isn’t a recipient of government subsidized loans (like Bob Jones University) and ought to have freedom to discriminate in any manner whatsoever.

The only good part of their ruling was that they rejected the assertion that the Bakery had illegally posted a “NO BLACKS OR JEWS” discrimination type sign on their business when it closed and they posted this note on the door:

“Closed but still in business. You can reach me by email
or facebook. or Sweetcakes by
Melissa facebook page. New phone number will be provided
on my website and facebook. This fight is not over. We will
continue to stand strong. Your religious freedom is becom-
ing not free anymore. This is ridiculous that we cannot
practice our faith. The LORD is good and we will continue
to serve HIM with all our heart [heart symbol].”

Think about how fanatical and seething with rage those pro-sodomy bureaucrats in Oregon are that they included a charge of “illegal sign” against the Bakery based on that message! It was so laughable that even the demonized judges had to throw that part out.

What else will the bakers owe in addition to their $130,000 fine? They’ve been bankrupted by evil lesbians just because they refused to go along with evil. The did what is right and paid a heavy price for it.

The judges’ ruling is so idiotic that it has to be reversed. If it isn’t, then get ready to close up shop. Why should anybody support an evil government that officially ignores religious protections in order to promote the sodomites in their persecution of Christians? I can’t and won’t. At some point resistance becomes mandatory.

The official Evangelifish position is, “oh please dear government, please let us just practice our faith quietly, we are so sorry we hurt anybody precious feelings, we just want to live in mutual respect and tolerance with our wonderful “LGBT” neighbours and friends” blah blah blah.

It’s a total nonsense position and deserves the contempt and scorn it receives from the left. It’s hypocrisy and weakness. Nothing in the Bible says that we should ever tolerate wicked sodomites. That’s not the goal. Rather, the Bible says that government is supposed to be putting sodomites to death!