Alec Baldwin versus Alex Jones (Bill Hicks!)

Do these men look sixteen years apart to you?

Celebrity Alec Baldwin was born April 3, 1958 and in few days will turn 59 years old. Alex Jones of Infowars was allegedly born on February 11, 1974 and so is only 43 years old. Why do they look the same age ??

The “late” Bill Hicks, Alex Jones’ comic predecessor at Sacred Cow Productions, was born December 16, 1961 and would presently be 56 years old. Bill Hicks would only be 3.75 years younger than Alex Baldwin.

What’s the obvious explanation for this age discrepancy?

Obviously the “Alex Jones” person is massively lying about his true age – he is actually Bill Hicks who was born in 1961.

Proof here: Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks!