Left-Right Hoax Narrative Fight

The news media – left and “right” – keeps pretending that the people don’t know what is really going on.

It’s admitted that at least 39 times that Jewish kid Nikolas Cruz was in contact with the FBI – they knew he was a psycho-case that they could set-up as patsy for their latest shooting hoax.

Subversive conspirators within US law enforcement are misusing the “confidentiality” of undercover operations not as a means to pursue criminals, but rather as cover to conduct acts of treason against the American people. They are trying to destroy our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms – (like they already did our 4th Amendment right to be free from government prying) – undoubtedly in preparation for repression.

It’s an act of war.

Unfortunately those on the “right” are equally up to their neck in hoaxes. There is some unseen competition going on behind the scenes regarding who to frame as the “enemy” in these hoaxes and the policy objective.  Framing either Moslems or the mentally-ill as killers has been consistent, and so has the consensus to always exploit events to seek greater powers for law enforcement.

But when hoaxes are carried out that frame groups favoured by one side or the other, then a huge left versus right political backlash is generated to tussle over the direction policy objectives should go — yet never do the right/left news media combatants reveal that it is all a hoax.

One could surmise that in order to win approval for a hoax by superiors it must be sold internally as the straight-forward “crazy kills and we seek more government control,” but then in carrying out the assignment the overseeing agents – themselves divided left/right politically – compete in skewing facts to boost one narrative or the other.

For example, the 2014 Elliot Roger hoax “Isla Vista” killings in Santa Barbara. The left used it to promote gun-control yet those allegedly “killed” had been stabbed to death with a knife! Another example of botched up narrative was the left’s attempt to use the Pace nightclub shooting hoax to promote sodomy, and then it was disclosed that the shooter was himself a homo. Then the FBI tried to announce that there was no evidence that the shooter was a homo, even though there was plenty of such evidence.

The frequent pattern of botched facts and narrative-collapse in these hoaxes is showing up here. Shooter Nikolas Cruz was described by the left as a white supremacist in a MAGA hat, but then it emerged that he is Jewish – as is the town’s sheriff and all the crisis actors. The day chosen had ambiguity as well, the media could either spin the “massacre” in light of Valentines Day or of Ash Wednesday, as it might suit them. The city’s name “Parkland” would also be a nice inside joke, a reminder of the hospital where JFK’s body was taken. The left-wing gun-control push is going very strong here – but the right is altering the story-line into a “the FBI needs to be improved” narrative.

So the jaded public gets to watch the left and right talking heads scream at each other over the important “lessons” that we are supposed to draw from some fake event. Neither left nor right is willing to let the other side take control over the political narrative for these badly orchestrated farces.

Reasons why nobody dies at shooting hoax

It is possible that things will get so bad that they will start shooting real people at the false flag events, but there are several reasons why that is unlikely:

  1. Lack of control: False-flag events are carefully orchestrated so that everything happens exactly as planned, you don’t want to introduce a random element that would ruin everything. You don’t want to rely upon real means of killing that could fail, and you don’t want to kill anybody important by accident. You don’t want a bunch of unknown people killed that you can’t instantly profile in the news with pictures and sympathetic stories because news-cycles are short and you’ll lose that opportunity quick.
  2. Cost: It is rather inexpensive to pay somebody to just pretend that their father/brother/wife was killed – a few thousand dollars tops. But to pay out damages for wrongful death could be millions of dollars per victim.
  3. Money-making: The opportunities for outside contractors to make money will drive the decisions that government makes. Nobody makes money where a nut is set loose to kill a bunch of random people. But in a carefully staged false-flag hoax it is a gravy train with many companies involved and many actors and managers are hired to participate.
  4. Litigation: Real victims hire real lawyers to investigate and sue. This would add a huge amount of risk and uncertainty for many years and it could put those who orchestrated the events into legal jeopardy.
  5. Cooperation: Even professional hit-men like to believe that they are only killing bad people who deserve to die, it would be nearly impossible to get a large number of normal people to willingly cooperate in a scheme to murder a bunch of innocent people even if they were paid a large amount of money. It is much easier to get people to cooperate in a duping exercise where nobody actually dies.
  6. Liability: There is no statute of limitations for murder and it is a capital offence, but lying and perjury are rarely prosecuted, have light penalties, and very short statute of limitations.

Nobody dies in these hoax false-flag events.

Dodge Roadkill: “Mr Field goes Plowing”

Dodge Challenger is about to make roadkill – so why are its brake lights on?

Mad-man’s name is “Field” and all the media reports call his job “plowing” (… fakery always includes a few inside jokes – and of course “plow” has other connotations).

But our boy in his Dodge Challenger actually didn’t even plow the fat white gal – it looks like she was hit by a black woman driving a convertible.

Ok it does look like she got hit – but do you see any blood? The car’s window isn’t even broken.

Her license plate is “GODKPME” – another practical joke?

But wait …

Alright now I’m confused – that fat woman is alive and well. There’s some other fat gal dead – where?

why is this “”paramedic”” putting tons of pressure on that poor fat woman’s stomach? Is that safe?

Why is he trying to stop bleeding – when there is no bleeding?

And where did she come from?

Here’s 11 seconds later in the very same RT video

After hitting the “”victims”” the driver got out of there super fast and effectively:

You’d have to be a real pro to hit a bunch of people and then maintain the composure of doing a super-fast reverse in a perfectly straight line back up the street (where no other cars happened to be present to block his way.

Once in my life I was in a similar situation and over a much shorter distance I swerved so badly while reversing at high speed that I almost lost control and crashed. This guy was a pro.

Looks like the stupid crisis-actors didn’t even know what they where doing.


Police confirm: Bill Hicks staged fake coffee-attack with fellow goofy performance artist

Seattle PD apparently knows that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks.

Real-time Fakery objects – NASA hoax

NASA 100% exposed on this brilliant video – – the harness used is completely visible !!! – virtual reality also explained – must see:


Hoax N. Korea nuke-attack being staged ?

They’ve been hyping the North Korea thing for years, but now it seems like they are going into over-drive with it – and they are even trying to co-opt the terminology “false flag” to confuse things.


North Korea could kill 200,000 Americans by hiding an atomic bomb on board a ‘false flag’ ship and docking it ANY any US coast city, ex CIA experts claim

NORTH Korea could be plotting to load a nuke onto a fake freighter and ship it to the United States — where it would kill HUNDREDS of thousands.

Kim Jong-un could be plotting to secretly ship a nuke to the shores of the United States rather than firing one on a rocket, it has been warned

He is able to hire terrorists for a “nuclear 9/11 style suicide mission”, according to James Woolsey, the ex-director of the CIA.

They are putting “false flag” into the headlines in advance so when everybody says it’s a false flag attack, the news media will say, “it was a false flag!” but the meaning won’t be the same thing, so the public will be all confused.

Along with this they are cranking up the sneaky submarine attack narrative:

The idea that he will actually be able to hit the USA by shooting off rockets from North Korea doesn’t make sense, so they’ve got this more plausible story for how he is supposed to get close enough to the US mainland to hit us. But of course, we launch the attack on ourselves and then blame the idiots in North Korea.

Their false flags with crisis actors haven’t been working out so well, too many people figure out that it’s all phoney. They might get around this by having the bomb explode in a “fortunate accident” away from shore yet visible from land. But they need to have some people “die” or they won’t be able to fool the US public into supporting WW3.

Or maybe they give up all pretence and just go ahead and really kill Americans this time and hope Trump is fooled. I doubt he will be – in which case we might be looking at another civil war.

Unreal “Reality” Leigh Winner Hoax

I’m not buying it.

Just like “Snow job Snowden” she (or he) has a fake name based on an inside joke, “Reality Leigh Winner” = reality show winner.

Just like Snow-job she is “real” because she has an online existence. Twitter is “reezlie” – reads the lie.

Just like Snow-job she is only in her 20’s but works with government “outside contractor” and allegedly has easy access to super secret NSA communications and classified documents.

Just like Snow-job she leaks to the pox faced faggot-porn homo Glen at “Intercept” who gets the “scoop.”

Just like Snow-job her “leak” serves NSA purposes – it will keep alive the “Russian hacking” narrative as well as reinforce the pervasive government spying message so “you better not be disloyal” or you too will be immediately discovered by the all-seeing-eyes of Big-Brother.

At least Snow-job supposedly worked for a real contractor (Booz Allen), but this gal is said to work at the mysterious Pluribus International that is little more than a webpage.

Just like Snow-job’s manly looking transgenderized “girlfriend,” so this “gal” also looks like she/he/it definitely has a Y-chromosome:

Ugly dude.

Here’s some “proof” that this “woman” actually exists:

The local news wouldn’t lie to us, would they? However, why would a local paper bother to publish an article about her completing basic training, an insignificant event about an insignificant person? And why is there no text in this article? It was supposedly published Sunday March 11, 2011 at 12:00 AM. Why is the paper publishing stupid non-stories like this in the middle of the night? Why is it such a grainy low-resolution black and white photo?

The Guardian (also affiliated with Glen/Snowden) reports that her alleged mother is supposedly named “Billie Davis” – so she has different last name – and her sister is supposedly named Brittany (and that might be the person the selfies are based upon.

This “Reality” gal/dude/thing is a fraud.

The perps just can’t stop doing this false-flag hoax garbage.

The fact that Russia took in “Snowden” the Snow-job proves that at the very top levels the intelligence scammers in Russia and the USA are working together. To manipulate the world you need to have these two countries play good-cop and bad-cop with each other so everybody is forced to integrate with one team or the other until all the world is under them both – and they unite also, forming world government. (At least that’s the plan – but it won’t work).


UPDATE: Picture comparisons



Different eye colour, different head shape.

Bizarre forehead; different shape heads.

Same person ?!?

Why has hair changed and neck become shorter ??


These images all look like different people.Some may be look-alike patsies, and some are probably computer renderings. They did the same thing with multiple Jared Loughners portrayed in the Gabbie Gifford shooting hoax.