Left-Right Hoax Narrative Fight

The news media – left and “right” – keeps pretending that the people don’t know what is really going on.

It’s admitted that at least 39 times that Jewish kid Nikolas Cruz was in contact with the FBI – they knew he was a psycho-case that they could set-up as patsy for their latest shooting hoax.

Subversive conspirators within US law enforcement are misusing the “confidentiality” of undercover operations not as a means to pursue criminals, but rather as cover to conduct acts of treason against the American people. They are trying to destroy our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms – (like they already did our 4th Amendment right to be free from government prying) – undoubtedly in preparation for repression.

It’s an act of war.

Unfortunately those on the “right” are equally up to their neck in hoaxes. There is some unseen competition going on behind the scenes regarding who to frame as the “enemy” in these hoaxes and the policy objective.  Framing either Moslems or the mentally-ill as killers has been consistent, and so has the consensus to always exploit events to seek greater powers for law enforcement.

But when hoaxes are carried out that frame groups favoured by one side or the other, then a huge left versus right political backlash is generated to tussle over the direction policy objectives should go — yet never do the right/left news media combatants reveal that it is all a hoax.

One could surmise that in order to win approval for a hoax by superiors it must be sold internally as the straight-forward “crazy kills and we seek more government control,” but then in carrying out the assignment the overseeing agents – themselves divided left/right politically – compete in skewing facts to boost one narrative or the other.

For example, the 2014 Elliot Roger hoax “Isla Vista” killings in Santa Barbara. The left used it to promote gun-control yet those allegedly “killed” had been stabbed to death with a knife! Another example of botched up narrative was the left’s attempt to use the Pace nightclub shooting hoax to promote sodomy, and then it was disclosed that the shooter was himself a homo. Then the FBI tried to announce that there was no evidence that the shooter was a homo, even though there was plenty of such evidence.

The frequent pattern of botched facts and narrative-collapse in these hoaxes is showing up here. Shooter Nikolas Cruz was described by the left as a white supremacist in a MAGA hat, but then it emerged that he is Jewish – as is the town’s sheriff and all the crisis actors. The day chosen had ambiguity as well, the media could either spin the “massacre” in light of Valentines Day or of Ash Wednesday, as it might suit them. The city’s name “Parkland” would also be a nice inside joke, a reminder of the hospital where JFK’s body was taken. The left-wing gun-control push is going very strong here – but the right is altering the story-line into a “the FBI needs to be improved” narrative.

So the jaded public gets to watch the left and right talking heads scream at each other over the important “lessons” that we are supposed to draw from some fake event. Neither left nor right is willing to let the other side take control over the political narrative for these badly orchestrated farces.

Nasa Hoax

Youtube is deleting this one – NASA’s hoax is 100% busted – very clearly a wire.

More here.

Alex Jones is only 43 years old (right!)


“Alex Jones” was actually born in 1961, is 56 years old, has brown eyes, and his real name is Bill Hicks.

Real-time Fakery objects – NASA hoax

NASA 100% exposed on this brilliant video – – the harness used is completely visible !!! – virtual reality also explained – must see:


Alex Jones (Bill Hicks) lies about more photos

This is what Bill Hicks looked like at around 19 years of age about when he started doing stand up comedy:

And this, according to what Alex Jones recently tweeted , are allegedly pictures taken of him at 19 years of age:

Clearly Jones was NOT 19 years old in these photos – he was actually 32.

Look at them side-by-side:

Which one is 19? Clearly its the same person – photos are taken about 13 years apart.

Alex Jones is what Bill Hicks looks like after some radical face surgery. Bill was born with a lumpy face that made him look older and gave a plastic quality that could really alter his look depending on his facial expression and weight. In some photos Hicks’ face looks perfectly normal, but in others he looks strangely bulbous and almost like a mongoloid.

Other people with faces like that include Tony Blair and Renee Zellweger. Her strange face would look beautiful one moment and suddenly change into something hideous the next:

Apparently Renee Zellweger got tired of being mocked and eventually decided to have her lumpy face changed through plastic surgery.  She changed her signature deep-set eyes to wide-open and lowered her arching eyebrows to a flat line – and thus became totally unrecognisable:

She might as well change her name – she looks like a completely different person. They went too far and ruined her career. She now looks like just any other generic “pretty face” and lost that unique character that had become famous.

That’s what they intentionally set out to do to Bill Hicks – and they had a lot of possibility for a totally new look because his face was so lumpy and pasty to being with. By tightening it up and reshaping – especially the eyes – they made “Alex Jones” not only look somewhat younger but also like an entirely different person.

But this isn’t a simple re-branding of a washed-up celebrity, Jones/Hicks added to their deception the addition of fake childhood photos ala Sandy Hook style – showing us that his charade is part of a deep-state strategy to deceive patriotic Americans by pretending to be one of us.


Was Glick ‘Temple Mount’ Shooting faked ??

Allegedly, American-born rabbi Yahuda Glick was shot multiple times at point-blank range by an Arab assassin because of his Temple Mount activism – yet he “miraculously” survived and is doing remarkably well despite being filled with so many bullet holes.

The radical rabbi has even now been elected as an MP to the Israeli Knesset – not for some fringe party as we would expect – but as candidate #33 on the list for  Netanyahu’s mainstream Likud.(Freemasonic number 33?!? Who writes this stuff?).

Turns out the “extremist” Glick is actually an ecumenical liberal quite comfortable with the leftist positions of “reform” Judaism – accepting reject the Bible, have women rabbis, approve of sodomite “marriage”, etc.

Glick and his apostate buddies want their future “temple” to be that abomination of paganism described in Ezekiel chapter 8.

Quite an animated fellow – waiving his broken arms around like crazy and jumping up and down despite having no stomach and only half a lung left.

MP Glick’s “miraculous” survival is now “proof” validating his vision to re-build the temple (on the site of a Roman legion fort).

And the “miracles” continue: exactly 1 year to the day after the first assassination attempt, the MP  again survived an attack, this time having his car window smashed.

Interesting questions about the alleged shooting are raised here:

The anti-Zionist vitriol of that site is a big distraction- it discounts everything as the biased ravings of a lunatic. And certainly not all the allegations seem valid [especially the supposed dummy (no need to fake that – just frame a patsy and then shoot him)], but nevertheless some inconsistencies do raise doubts.

Is Glick part of a hoax?  I don’t know what to think at this point. I find his story difficult to accept at face value knowing that psyops are going on all the time and neither governments nor the media can be trusted to tell the truth.


Narration video: https://archive.org/details/HicksPhotoshop0007


-image-No joke: Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

Alex Jones’ beginning? Alex Jones’ career did not spontaneously begin on his own initiative with an Austin talk radio and local cable access program, as he has alleged.

Rather, his career actually began with Sacred Cow Productions – a multi-media company founded by musician/writer Kevin Booth and the comedian, entertainer, and actor Bill Hicks.


Sacred Cow Productions

Bill Hicks’ career was stalled in stand-up and he began trying to take new career directions – including ‘ conspiracy ‘ theories. At the time of Hicks alleged death he was ranting about the Waco massacre conspiracy. Read the rest of this entry »