How to remove Daily Mail’s column of sleaze

The Daily Mail is a rather idiotic newspaper but it does seem to have scoops on a lot of news – often posted hours before the American papers (which is rather strange, isn’t it??). It would be better never to read the stupid site at all – there are so many better things to do than read the news. Yet if you do visit it, unfortunately it also pushes side adverts that are risqué and perverted – the so-called “column of sleaze” – a miserable distraction to avoid.

Here’s a primer on how to delete them all:

Step 1

Download and install Adblock Plus on your browser. It’s 100% free but accepts donations.

Step 2

Upgrade Adblock by installing the Adblock Element Hiding feature – also free.

Step 3

Open “filter preferences” page and uncheck the box that says “allow some non-intrusive advertising”

Step 4

Subscribe to a pre-made filter list such as “Easy List” (you will be glad you did, this blocks tons of ads).

Step 5

Go to ‘Custom Filters’ tab then and add filters one at a time as follows:

(Adblock rules)

(Element hiding rules)

= = =

Done ! no more distracting side column adverts.

However, if the Daily Mail ever changes their format and renames these sleazy elements then the ad-blocking will have to be edited again. By using “inspect element” you can find the new names and re-block them if need be.

How to Block the Daily Mail’s Column of Sleaze


Although it is only a UK paper, the Daily Mail has a huge world readership due to its inexplicably constant and instant coverage of sensational news stories from the United States.

But if you’ve ever followed a link to one of its stories you will quickly notice a barrage of sleazy pictures in its right-hand column. To make an occasion for lust seem like a ‘news’ event, the Daily Mail adds inventive captions for their racy photos of voluptuous nearly-naked women “reporting” that they were caught “showing off” this or that – or caught “failing to hide” this or that. Hugely meaningful “news” questions are added: Has she “gained weight”? Has she “lost weight”? Is she “showing their age”? Blah blah blah. It’s all a bunch of sordid nonsense.

Because the Daily Mail is generally conservative, its rival left wing papers have derided this hypocritical click-generating gimmick as the “Sidebar of Shame.

Well the following is a method for getting rid of this problem.

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