Santa Fe High Shooting Hoax: FBI needs to be audited!

Computers make fake images all the time: Pictures prove nothing!

Another shooting hoax, of course.

  • Where are the bodies?
  • Another superhuman death-toll
  • FBI immediately on the scene
  • immediate news media orgy

Funny how there is a direct correlation between the increasing number of alleged school shootings and the increasing number of “active shooting drills” that the FBI is conducting! Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

The FBI is now running non-stop “active shooter drills” in schools all over the country — this needs to be audited to find out what is really going on. They are obviously being used as a guise for staging these false-flag shooting hoaxes.

… the Investigative Assistance for Violent Crimes Act of 2012 … permits the U.S. attorney general—at the request of appropriate state or local law enforcement personnel—to provide federal assistance during active shooter incidents and mass killings (defined by the law as three or more people) in public places. The attorney general delegated this responsibility to the FBI. (FBI Jurisdiction in Active Shooter Incidents)

How did the local authorities in Houston know to call the FBI instantly and how did the FBI mobilize hundreds of agents to descend on this school within a few minutes?! Makes no sense – unless it was a hoax.

This Attorney General Jeff Sessions is seriously compromised or incompetent – he is allowing crisis actor shooting hoaxes to continue!

Dodge Roadkill: “Mr Field goes Plowing”

Dodge Challenger is about to make roadkill – so why are its brake lights on?

Mad-man’s name is “Field” and all the media reports call his job “plowing” (… fakery always includes a few inside jokes – and of course “plow” has other connotations).

But our boy in his Dodge Challenger actually didn’t even plow the fat white gal – it looks like she was hit by a black woman driving a convertible.

Ok it does look like she got hit – but do you see any blood? The car’s window isn’t even broken.

Her license plate is “GODKPME” – another practical joke?

But wait …

Alright now I’m confused – that fat woman is alive and well. There’s some other fat gal dead – where?

why is this “”paramedic”” putting tons of pressure on that poor fat woman’s stomach? Is that safe?

Why is he trying to stop bleeding – when there is no bleeding?

And where did she come from?

Here’s 11 seconds later in the very same RT video

After hitting the “”victims”” the driver got out of there super fast and effectively:

You’d have to be a real pro to hit a bunch of people and then maintain the composure of doing a super-fast reverse in a perfectly straight line back up the street (where no other cars happened to be present to block his way.

Once in my life I was in a similar situation and over a much shorter distance I swerved so badly while reversing at high speed that I almost lost control and crashed. This guy was a pro.

Looks like the stupid crisis-actors didn’t even know what they where doing.


More professional performers in Orlando hoax

Rodney Sumter


This Rodney performer was allegedly shot 3 times while working as a bartender.

Chris Enzo, a professional D.J. with an IMDb entry for producing music for a violent video game, showed up to tell the press what “injured” Rodney allegedly said happened before he was taken to the hospital:


Notice that D.J. Chris Enzo performs at ‘trap‘ events that include sodomites masquerading as young women. This terminology was included as an inside-joke on the ridiculous series of bizarre instant messages that one Orlando “victim” allegedly texted to his mother before supposedly being killed.

It appears that most of the people involved in the Orlando event are professional performers in one way or another. America has once again, with the help of the lying treasonous news media, been duped by a hoax performed by crisis-actors.

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The Crisis-Actor Mothership

Looks like there is competition for companies trying to get into the lucrative crisis actor business to hoax the American people. These companies appear to have a trade association called, believe it or not, the “National Center for Simulation.” They describe their mission as:

The mission of NCS is to serve as the nation’s focal point and as a catalyst for the development, understanding, and advancement of simulation and related technologies; to improve defense readiness and facilitate space exploration; to support education and training initiatives; and to extend useful applications of simulation.

In other words, they are headquarters for all the participants making a buck off the rash of false-flag events that the governments are now addicted to. Check out their youtube videos: 1 , 2.

Membership in this fakery club includes some of the largest companies in the United States:

Adacel Systems, Inc.
Advanced IT Concepts
Advanced Systems Technology, Inc.
AEgis Technologies Group, Inc.
Air Force Association
Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, Milbrath & Gilchrist, P.A.
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
American Systems Corp
Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA)
Army Aviation Association of America
Associated Industries of Florida (AIF)
Association of the United States Army
Avataristics, LLC
AVT Simulation
Bank of America
Bohemia Interactive Simulations
BreitIdeas, Inc.
Burr & Forman LLP
CAE, Inc.
Camber Corporation
Central Florida Marine Corps Foundation
Chatter Buzz Media
Combined Professional Associations Group
Consulate General of Canada
Creative Technologies Inc.
Cubic Defense Applications
Cybernet Systems Corporation
Daytona State College
DeVry University
Discovery Machine, Inc.
Dynamic Animation Systems (DAS)
Eagle 6 Technical Services
Edwards Financial Services
Engineering Support Personnel, Inc.
ETC Simulation
Fairwinds Credit Union
Florida Emergency Medicine Foundation
Florida High Tech Corridor Council
Florida League of Defense Contractors (FLDC)
General Dynamics IT
Good 2 Go Event Management, Inc.
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Halldale Media Inc
Heartwood, Inc.
Holland & Knight
ICF International
Industrial Smoke and Mirrors
Intego Group
International Council on Systems Engineering
IVIR, Inc.
KAEGAN Corporation
Keith Nelson — Practitioner
Kord Technologies
L-3 Communications Link Simulation & Training
Laerdal Medical
LeanSwift Solutions
Lone Star
Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A.
ManTech International
Marchena & Graham, P.A.
Matthews Systems Engineering, Inc.
McDirmit Davis & Co., LLC
Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission
Micro Depot Inc
Morrison Commercial Real Estate
Motion Analysis Corporation
National Center for Simulation
National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)
Navy League of the United States Central Florida Council
Northrop Grumman
Opto Ballistics
Organizational Communications, Inc.
PNC Bank
Productivity Apex, Inc.
QinetiQ North America
Rapid Prototyping Services
RealTime Immersive, Inc.
Rockwell Collins Simulation & Training Solutions
Salient Federal Solutions
Simbionix USA Corp.
SIMmersion LLC
Six Degrees of Simulation, Inc.
State College of Florida
Strategic Operations, Inc.
STS International
Systems Technology Inc. (STI)
Team Orlando
TerraSim, Inc.
Time Warner Telecom
University of Central Florida – Institute for Simulation & Training
Valencia College
Wegmann USA, Inc. Training & Simulation
Whittaker Cooper Financial Group
Women In Defense
Zel Technologies, LLC

Here is a web page from one of their members, Strategic Operations:


They openly admit that they sell Hollywood developed fakery to governments and military.

Here’s the web page of a small company, IIF Data, that apparently isn’t yet big enough to enjoy membership in the “National Simulation Center” with the big boys, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to get a piece of the action selling their “Role Player Support Services” to governments:


Here’s an interesting craigslist ad:

Terrorist Mock Exercise, Volunteers needed – Tallahassee
Apr 1, 2014 – Operation Deep Freeze is a full scale exercise, Volunteers needed for hospital triage. 18+ age volunteers will need to not wear nice clothing due to moulage (makeup) will be applied to simulate injuries. Lunch, certificate of ..
Here’s how the event was carried out is explained in this news article here.

“The lead planner, Chris Rietow, says, “The exercise actually started last week when we released some intelligence to the North Florida Fusion Exchange that would potentially lead to a terrorism-related incident.”

So they gave fake info to their local ‘fusion centre‘ in advance of their faked ‘incident’ claiming that terrorism was about to happen. The so-called fusion centers are KGB like domestic spying nodes within the United States used to monitor American citizens.

Here’s an article on a training for a mock nuke going off in a major city, “the premise for the training scenario is that a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb was detonated in Cincinnati.”

(Cf. Operation Blackjack)

False flag nuke attack

These drills provide the training for conducting successful false flag events against the domestic population of the United States. Once the people running a drill feel they have perfected it, they can schedule another one that will ‘go live’ and be presented to the public as a real emergency. That will terrify people and we will all be more compliant to whatever policy objective the corrupt government is currently pushing.

All sorts of these false-flag drills go on all the time: