Left-Right Hoax Narrative Fight

The news media – left and “right” – keeps pretending that the people don’t know what is really going on.

It’s admitted that at least 39 times that Jewish kid Nikolas Cruz was in contact with the FBI – they knew he was a psycho-case that they could set-up as patsy for their latest shooting hoax.

Subversive conspirators within US law enforcement are misusing the “confidentiality” of undercover operations not as a means to pursue criminals, but rather as cover to conduct acts of treason against the American people. They are trying to destroy our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms – (like they already did our 4th Amendment right to be free from government prying) – undoubtedly in preparation for repression.

It’s an act of war.

Unfortunately those on the “right” are equally up to their neck in hoaxes. There is some unseen competition going on behind the scenes regarding who to frame as the “enemy” in these hoaxes and the policy objective.  Framing either Moslems or the mentally-ill as killers has been consistent, and so has the consensus to always exploit events to seek greater powers for law enforcement.

But when hoaxes are carried out that frame groups favoured by one side or the other, then a huge left versus right political backlash is generated to tussle over the direction policy objectives should go — yet never do the right/left news media combatants reveal that it is all a hoax.

One could surmise that in order to win approval for a hoax by superiors it must be sold internally as the straight-forward “crazy kills and we seek more government control,” but then in carrying out the assignment the overseeing agents – themselves divided left/right politically – compete in skewing facts to boost one narrative or the other.

For example, the 2014 Elliot Roger hoax “Isla Vista” killings in Santa Barbara. The left used it to promote gun-control yet those allegedly “killed” had been stabbed to death with a knife! Another example of botched up narrative was the left’s attempt to use the Pace nightclub shooting hoax to promote sodomy, and then it was disclosed that the shooter was himself a homo. Then the FBI tried to announce that there was no evidence that the shooter was a homo, even though there was plenty of such evidence.

The frequent pattern of botched facts and narrative-collapse in these hoaxes is showing up here. Shooter Nikolas Cruz was described by the left as a white supremacist in a MAGA hat, but then it emerged that he is Jewish – as is the town’s sheriff and all the crisis actors. The day chosen had ambiguity as well, the media could either spin the “massacre” in light of Valentines Day or of Ash Wednesday, as it might suit them. The city’s name “Parkland” would also be a nice inside joke, a reminder of the hospital where JFK’s body was taken. The left-wing gun-control push is going very strong here – but the right is altering the story-line into a “the FBI needs to be improved” narrative.

So the jaded public gets to watch the left and right talking heads scream at each other over the important “lessons” that we are supposed to draw from some fake event. Neither left nor right is willing to let the other side take control over the political narrative for these badly orchestrated farces.

CIA = a communist front

“Is the CIA a communist front?”

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Let’s look at the clues:

Franklin D. Roosevelt was very friendly with the reds – was accused of being a communist and was certainly misguided by their sway.

He ignored the fact that Stalin invaded Poland, and massively supported the Soviet regime during WW2 – including 14,000 airplanes, 7,000 tanks, 135,000 machine guns, and 15 million pairs of army boots. Roosevelt even arranged that after the war they would get half of Europe to destroy with communism.

Roosevelt’s New Deal attorney Alger Hiss has been exposed as a communist spy, along with many others in his ‘New Deal’ administration.

It was F.D.R. who hand-picked William Donovan – a Rockerfeller Foundation toady –  to run the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

To get employees for the new organization, Roman Catholic Donovan actually relied upon the the head of the US Communist Party, Eugene Dennis, as his first recruiter!

Rhodes’ Scholar and Oxford graduate Elizabeth Bentley spied for Russia from 1938 to 1945 and she testified that she had collected dues for the Communist Party USA from underground communists in  Washington DC who worked for the federal government, including high level members of the OSS. This included Duncan Lee, the “confidential assistant” to William Donovan.

Other early OSS communists included Maurice Halperin, Carl Marzani, Franz Neumann, Helen Tenney, Julius and Bella Joseph and Lee’s Oxford classmate, Donald Niven Wheeler.

It is now indisputable that the Communist Party USA directly assisted the Soviet Union in its espionage efforts prior to the mid 1950′s – when under the Smith Act many were arrested and prosecuted for their crimes of treason. After that time the communism continued to operate in the USA but its spying activities went ‘underground’ – above ground they have continued to deception and front groups. These operations push communist goals and objectives in the guise of ‘equality’ and ‘liberation’ movements – using our freedom of speech with the aim of destroying our freedom.

BTW: Jewish Supreme court justice Frankfurter  – the Harvard Law School mentor of the communist spy Alger Hiss – wanted to overturn their convictions – he is the same one who wanted to throw the Jehovah Witnesses in prison for refusing to worship the US flag and who approved of the deportation of Japanese to US concentrations camps. (We now have a supreme court entirely composed of such Jews and Catholics.) “Donovan also hired Estelle Frankfurter, sister of Felix Frankfurter, the Supreme Court justice and FDR confidant.”  

So we might say that the OSS started out as a Communist filled outfit designed to help Roosevelt and the Soviet Union win World War 2, and later when it became the CIA in the 1950’s it still was filled with communists. Senator McCarthy – a patriot who history has vindicated – alerted the public that the CIA was infiltrated by over 200 communists.

But when exactly did the communist CIA ever change its tune??

Much-a-do is made of the fact that the CIA took in former Nazi’s from Germany after WW2 and put them on the payroll (Operation Paperclip) – they may have brought in techniques and methods, but they didn’t take positions of control over the organization. If German nationalists had taken over the CIA it’s aims and objectives would have been Kinder, Küche, Kirche rather than secretly sponsoring the destructive communistic cultural revolution of the 1960’s via drugs, modern art, feminism, rock music, Hollywood filth, etc.

That accusation that the CIA was filled with communists became the basis for an ‘anti-communist’ purge by deputy director James Jesus Angleton who ousted many agents as undercover Soviet moles – some of them controversially fingered as such by a Soviet KGB defector named Anatoliy Golitsyn. Golitsyn seems plausibly credible because he accurately predicted the Soviet Union’s fake collapse to lull the west. But most agree that Angleton’s purges were not effective.

Since the CIA started out with communist roots, remained communist in the 1950’s, was ineffectively purged of communists, and operated throughout the 1960’s in a manner designed to destroy America’s traditional values with cultural revolution – it doesn’t seem far-fetched to suppose that the CIA operated domestically as a crypto-communist front.

The strongest argument against that is the CIA’s long support of right-wing dictators in third world countries to oppose the spread of Communism. However, much of that work resulted in failure and had the opposite effect of strengthening communists.

Obama is alleged to be a CIA agent and a communist. His support of ‘American Exceptionalism’ – undoubtedly due to being a negro – was quickly denounced by Russia. Early Communist Party USA leaders (e.g., Jay Lovestone) who believed in ‘American Exceptionalism’ were thrown out of the party, solidifying its allegiance to the Soviets.

Despite the increased socialistic similarity between the systems in the West and Russia and China, that will never quench inherent nationalistic rivalries.

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[Originally published April 2012 this article has been periodically updated since many times. A contrary view that attempts to portray everyone who ever noticed the CIA’s communist tendencies as some sort of deranged madman is found here. ]