Russia is about to LOSE WW3 (along with N. Korea and Iran)

Russia was delivered from WW2 by the lend-lease generosity of the United States – but instead of thanking God, the Soviets have glorified their own people and Stalin. Yet Stalin – in the midst of persecuting the church – paused momentarily as German tanks invaded the Moscow suburbs – just long enough to let the priest offer up prayers to God for deliverance.

And when Russia was delivered they gave God no thanks. They plundered the churches and imprisoned the believers.

Now Russia has been given respite from Communism, but hasn’t learned to glorify God. Putin has opened Muslim mosques and persecuted the Bible-believers.

The Bible prophesies that Russia (and Iran) will very soon lose WW3 to the United States and United Kingdom – and they will force them into the New World Order.

Right Hand = All of Christianity

” I have also spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied visions, and used similitudes, by the ministry of the prophets.” Hosea 12:10

Christ’s parables do not create false analogies. They are true to such an extent that they can be deeply meditated upon and considered in exact detail and will remain completely authentic.

In Revelation chapters 2 and 3 the Christian church is presented as 7 stars on candlesticks shining from Christ’s right hand. The prophetic vision named real churches in 7 Anatolian cities, but they must be representative of the entire Christian church since they are the only ones in Christ’s right hand.

Hence Church history and the churches match the analogy of a right hand. Therefore by studying the concept of a right hand carefully even the details will match – and so we can appreciate more of the truth of what Jesus was describing.

The fingers of a hand do resemble candlestick holders, but there are not 7 fingers, only 5.

Likewise, in the description of the 7 churches, 2 of them are not on candlesticks – the first one and the last one. First Christ says of Ephesus he “will remove thy candlestick out of his place” (Rev 2.5) and last to Laodicea he says “I will spue thee out of my mouth” (Rev 3.16).

So the location of five of the stars is on fingers, but these two stars have to be put elsewhere: the wrist and palm.

Now consider how features of the locations of the hand will be analogous to the descriptions of the various churches:

  1. Ephesus  – The First Church: It’s moved to the wrist because that is where the hand starts, it is where Christ’s nail-print was, and hence the first early church is here. The witness of the church in Christianity’s home of Palestine and Syria was likewise moved away by Islam. The wrist is very strong, the entire hand relies upon it, just as we all rely upon the real Apostolic church of the first century that gave us the Bible. The wrist is at the base of the hand with no raised finger on it, so Ephesus is described as hating the lying false apostles, which is called the sin of the Nicolaitans, those who exalt themselves as religious lords over the laity.
  2. Smyrna – The Persecuted Church: matches the Pinky finger. It’s the smallest and weakest part of the hand, adds almost no strength to the grip, and it is most susceptible to injury. Likewise the Persecuted church was weak and crushed by the world. But a pinky-ring is an ostentatious sign of great wealth, and likewise this church is promised riches and a crown. The oil sprinkled in Leviticus 14 is done by the “right finger”- the right-most finger is the pinky.

    ” And the priest shall dip his right finger in the oil that is in his left hand, and shall sprinkle of the oil with his finger seven times before the LORD:” Leviticus 14:16

  3. Pergamos – Orthodox Church: The church starts to “marry” the world after Constantine makes Christianity the state religion. This finger is the ring finger for wedding rings. Constantinople is the heart of Eastern Orthodoxy that this stage stands for. The finger is much taller than the pinky finger – and so this church is rebuked for having Nicolaitans, the false “apostolic” claimants who raise themselves up as grand religious leaders. As the fingers of a workman or farmer can be expected to get dirty doing the job, so this church is dirty. It’s accused of ensnaring the Christians into condemnation (by asceticism and legalism), sacrificing to idols (by Orthodox icons, Mary-worship, Eucharistic re-sacrifce) and fornication (by forbidding marriage by religious and divorced persons).
  4. Thyatira – Roman Catholicism: The middle finger is the highest finger, perhaps strongest of the 4 fingers, is in the middle of the hand, but with a tip that extends so far it is subject to injury. Likewise, the Roman church has become the most influential church, sits in the middle between Orthodoxy and the Protestant denominations, and has the highest Nicolaitan, the Pope, who will eventually be the antichrist and get smashed. This finger works hard but shares the dirty deeds of the Orthodox in idols and fornication. It is also the middle-finger for the infamous obscene gesture – and corresponds to the rebuke for Mariolatry, for which it is doomed to get a thrashing.
  5. Sardis – Lutheran/Reformed/Anglican. The pointing or index finger represents Protestantism, and likewise we arrive at the Church that points out with intelligence the correct doctrines that the Reformation restored. It’s nearly as strong as the middle finger, and so withstood and thrived despite the ravages of Rome’s persecutions. Yet it likewise is dirty in doing the work – and so mainline Protestantism has become today an unrepentant and filthy mess. It’s also raised up in height, but is lower than both the ring and middle fingers, showing that it’s leadership has somewhat less of a Nicolaitan problem. This finger acts together with the thumb in holding the pen for writing, and so it was the joint effort of the Anglicans and the Puritans to produce the King James Bible.
  6. Philadelphia – Puritans/Bible Churches/Baptists: The thumb is stronger than the fingers, but lower than any of them, and it actually opposes them.  So the Bible churches have been in opposition to all the the other churches, rebuking them for their errors. When a man holds a Bible up in his hand before his face, the thumb is the digit he looks and sees holding it. The King James Bible has been held by these churches. As we appreciate our thumb, so this church is the best church, holding God’s word, productive, and without rebuke. It’s positioned away from the fingers so not exposed to the same dangers or dirt – and likewise this church is promised to be saved from the tribulation. “Thumbs up/down” is the rendering of judgment by Caesar – and this church has the victory over the Synagogue of Satan.
  7. Laodicea – modernistic apostate mega-churches. Christ says he spews out this church so its location is on the hand where one would spit, which would be in the middle of the hand, in the palm. The palm has no finger, and modern churches have the complete opposite of Nicolatians, they have ultra casual “Pastor Joe” types that look and act almost like bums.  The palm is where coins and goods are held, and so this church is very wealthy and hoarding. The palm connects all the fingers, is in the very middle, and doesn’t oppose any of them. So Christ says they are neither hot nor cold, like the apostate ecumenical movement that has infected all the churches today.

The thumb and pinky are on either side of the hand and there are similarities between these churches in that both mention the Synagogue of Satan, both are without rebuke.

The wrist and end of the middle finger are both in the middle position yet opposites – and so the first church had the actual apostles and opposed the Nicolatian false apostles, while the Roman church became the worst example of this sin with the pope. Between them two is the palm – the Laodicean extreme without leadership and everyone doing whatever they feel like.

This study of the right hand shows that there are many fascinating corollaries between the design of the human hand and the history of Christianity as foretold by Jesus Christ in his letters to the 7 churches.

In closing, this study suggests that there are even more insights to be gained by the indication that the phrase “right hand” in the Bible is often code for the Church. The phrase appears in over 160 verses so there is a lot worthy of further consideration.

“Refugee Crisis” in Bible Prophesy  – –  (direct link .ogg)

Isaiah 18:1-2 “Woe to the land shadowing with wings, which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia: That sendeth ambassadors by the sea, even in vessels of bulrushes upon the waters, saying, Go, ye swift messengers, to a nation scattered and peeled, to a people terrible from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden down, whose land the rivers have spoiled!”

Christians must oppose the sin of Race-Mixing

Study on the sin of race-mixing by Christians:

[direct link (ogv)]

Race-mixing is a grievous sin against your family and it creates an irreligious society.

The Bible has examples of even godly men who made the carnal mistake of race-mixing and they paid dearly for their folly.

Christians must steadfastly reject this modernistic nonsense.

The idiotic preachers who condone miscegenation are blaspheming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Race-mixing is a grievous sin against your family and it creates an irreligious society.

The Bible has examples of even godly men who made the carnal mistake of race-mixing and they paid dearly for their folly.

Christians must steadfastly reject this modernistic nonsense.

The idiotic preachers who condone miscegenation are blaspheming the gospel of Jesus Christ. The plan for the church-age is local-churches who are comprised of similar people from the same geographic area because this prevents confusion. God’s plan for nations since Genesis 10 has been separation and division into different geographic areas.

This means the churches – although one spiritually in Christ – must also be separated along racial and national lines. The Roman Catholic model is incorrect, the Orthodox/Protestant model of national churches is a little better, but the Baptist model of separation by each local area is the closest to the New Testament plan. Local churches should be separated by the race and culture of each local area.

It is more important that a young person marry within their same race and culture than that they marry a Christian. A marriage with an unbeliever is the joining of flesh therefore the flesh must be the same and not “strange” (Jude 1:7). A marriage is not a spiritual “sacrament” – it is an earthly duty of our natural human flesh and we perform it like obeying parents and going to work.

There is no such thing as a “Christian marriage” in the New Testament. You act like a Christian when you obey Christ in your marriage role, and make sure your children become Christians, whether married to an unbeliever or not.

It is, of course, advisable to marry a Christian, but it is more necessary that the marriage be to someone like your parents’ same race and culture so that you obey Christ by honouring them.

KJV presentation: Adamite races & the sons of God (direct links: .ogv or .mp4)

Non- “Kanji” for Japanese Bibles

Japan’s kanji characters are comprised of thousands of difficult Chinese hieroglyphics – unique little scribbles that each depict different words.

Phonetic hiragana letters are added between the Chinese symbols to create the sounds necessary for Japanese grammar. Japanese literature would obviously be much more accessible to all readers if it was written without any kanji characters, however the practice of publishing books entirely in the phonetic alphabet is apparently reserved only for children’s books.

Words are comprised of sounds, not images. Notice how the world “logo” in the modern sense no longer means word – it means a symbol instead of a word. Companies have logos and through recognition of the symbol and advertising to convey general messages and feelings. The use of symbols instead of words is what the Catholic church did when it put images of Mary and the saints on the walls of the churches and took out the Bibles with words that could be understood. Symbols can be re-explained and re-purposed. Queen of heaven, or Mary, or Diana, or the Whore of Babylon – which is it? Somebody can simply lie about what the symbol means and thereby change its meaning. Honesty is in words – particular sounds that tell of a certain word and not of another.

Scriptures must give a certain sound and they must avoid graven images – therefore a good Japanese Bible must not only be based upon the Authorized Version text – it must also be written entirely in phonetic script.

This allegedly causes problems. For example, the lack of spaces in sentences. Easy solution: add spaces.

Also there are a great number of homophones in Japanese – words that sound the same but have different meanings.

But it is better to eliminate such confusion through word-choice rather than ‘solve’ the problem for readers with disastrous Chinese characters that retain homophones for the listeners. Or another solution: improve the spelling conventions. Spell homophones slightly differently (as we do in English: hair, hare) or add an accent notation where that would differentiate them.

These videos show how even normal Japanese people don’t understand basic kanji:

Here he tries to explain reasons for the Japanese tradition of resisting a change from kanji (although Koreans were successful to change their system):

– There has been a number of attempts to abolish kanji in Japanese history.
– Once, John Pelzel from the Allied occupation of Japan tried to completely romanise Japanese after WWII.

[Here’s a bit of history of people who tried to abolish kanji]

1866 – Hisoka Maejima, a Japanese statesman, was said to send a proposal to the shogun, insisting on abolishing kanji.
1872 – Yukichi Fukuzawa, Japan’s prominent figure featured in the current 10,000 yen bill, wrote about his idea of abolishing kanji.
1881 – A group of people started a movement to promote the use of kana letters in place of kanji.
1946 – Naoya Shiga, a famous Japanese novelist, suggested that Japan should adopt French as the official language.
1946 – The Yomiuri Shimbun, one of the most popular Japanese newspapers, published an editorial arguing that adopting Roman alphabet would be key to democratise the country.

Legalistic False Teachers forbid Divorce and Remarriage

Let’s look what the Bible has to say on this topic.

First, consider just how flexible the Old Testament laws were regarding marriage, contradicting the notion that God is somehow incensed at divorce and remarriage:

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