“Dotard” USA

The word “dote” appears 7 times in the Holy Bible: six times in Ezekiel chapter 23, and once in Jeremiah:

“A sword is upon the liars; and they shall dote: a sword is upon her mighty men; and they shall be dismayed”
Jeremiah 50:36

Jeremiah is describing the fall of Babylon which is the USA.

The word “dote” means to have the intellect impaired by age, or to be delirious with passion.  Combined with “upon” it means to regard with excessive fondness. “Dotard” is the old mentally impaired man – variant, “doter” – also, one who dotes upon something. It seems the meanings are related in that a man excessively fond of something is on that account made weak and mentally infirm. Apparently it is related to the French word redotar – to ramble on childishly – and a similar old Dutch word meaning silly.

The sword of the Lord is upon the lying USA dotards – feeble effeminate men with silly minds, indulgent upon trifles, rambling, weak, and delirious.

How did it end up like this?

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”
Psalm 9:17





State mandated Race-mixing ruins the housing market

Races don’t want to live together in America. People of all races have chosen to live in areas that are filled with similar people – forming balkanized communities that are race-specific. People’s own discriminatory choices should be legalized.

There is a housing crisis in America. Many people can’t afford to buy homes and there are huge numbers homeless. And there are slums filled with criminals and ne’er-do-wells who live on the government’s dime. This situation makes absolutely no sense.

Homes in America ought to be abundant and cheap.

  1. Huge amount of undeveloped rural land.
  2. Land in cities is 15% vacant.

With all that excess land homes should be cheap – but that isn’t happening.

As for rural land, much of it is blocked from development by the government, and much of the rest lack amenities that would attract people to live there.

To create a nice place to live you have to exclude bad people. You have to prevent blacks, hispanics, and other undesirable minorities from moving into the area because they bring crime, drugs, and gangs. Nobody is allowed to do that. It only takes one black moving in to destroy a neighbourhood by scaring away normal people.

The only way to restrict blacks is to raise the prices beyond what they can afford. These expensive areas are free from niggers and that is where everybody wants to live.

White can afford to buy relatively cheap homes in ghetto areas filled with blacks and hispanics, but they must live in squalor and get targetted for crime and abuse.

If white-only housing was allowed, mid and low-priced developments could be built and even modest neighbourhoods would be considered prestigious, safe, and attractive. If race-restricted development was allowed, vacant land in cities and rural areas could both become worthwhile for homebuilding once again.

Negroes that move into areas are unwanted – they bring problems and cause distress to the existing residents. This is unfair. Therefore government should require blacks to live in designated areas only. (They may have to pay a premium to find limited space within those boundaries, but that is too bad. This would be an example of “equality” – whites always had to pay a premium to escape them, and now they have to pay a premium to escape from whites.)

Increasing housing stock with race-specific housing developments will allow whites to form great neighbourhoods without having to worry about race problems. Whites will have an escape from being forced to live with ethnics.

Of course, this is never going to happen. America has morphed into a race-less, religion-less, morality-free nation with no racial identity – simply a “civic nation” where the only thing that matters is that nothing matters. America is mystery Babylon, with all that entails.

Expanding Earth = USA split

The expanding earth theory is the very convincing idea that the globe has expanded dramatically over time. Sea floor maps are conclusive evidence that this theory is true. Here is a diagram on which I’ve drawn where the cracks seem likely to continue should the earth begin to re-expand once again:


Most of the red zones are in the middle of the ocean and continued expanding in those areas wouldn’t affect the land – other than great waves forming (a prophesy that Jesus said would happen). But in some places the red zone runs right into a land mass.

For example, the red zones in the Indian Ocean run right into the Arabian peninsula. This would indicate that area is poised to crack in two. That matches with a giant split in the earth at Jerusalem that is prophesied in the Bible – with half the Mount of Olives going north and half going south and an east-west valley opening up into which the Jews flee into the the desert for safety from Gog.

The other place where red zones run into land are at the Gulf of Mexico. The other red area is way up in the Arctic. If those two areas were to join up in a giant crack, it would destroy the United States of America.

That is exactly what is predicted in the Bible regarding the fall of Babylon in a giant earthquake.