Remembering the “Papa eats babies” case

In early 2015 videos of two children were released by a whistleblower named Sabin McNeill that gave the world convincing testimony that their father, an actor named Ricky Dearman, was pimping the children out to a satanic sex-cult that also was engaged in sacrificing babies and cannibalism. The Satanic Ritual Abuse was reportedly occurring at the Church of England’s Christchurch primary school in Hampstead, London.

The children were taken into policy custody and after several weeks of being moved from place to place and repeatedly interviewed, and forced to spend time with their father over skype, the children both made brief and unconvincing ‘retraction’ statements.

Then a female British family-court judge overseeing the man’s custody dispute with his ex-wife rubbished the children’s claims as pure fantasy and blamed them on coaching by their mother who meanwhile had herself been forced to flee from the UK due to police threats.

Ricky Dearman then gave a creepy BBC interview portraying himself as a ‘vindicated victim’ of an unfounded ‘satanic panic’ by internet conspiracy theorists. The children gave detailed descriptions of the naked bodies and hidden tattoos of many adults who abused them, but apparently no criminal investigation was ever conducted by the police to verify their claims. Whether the children are still in foster care, or have yet been returned to their father’s custody, is unknown.

The Freemasons and sodomites have evidently taken complete control of the UK. Fortunately, outside of lying, these people are highly incompetent: when Christchurch’s priest attempted to press criminal charges against some protesters for ‘vexing’ him, the case fell apart due to police bungling and absent witnesses.

ABC News adds a Fake Crowd to Hillary Speech


Layers were digitally added by ABC News to their footage to make it look like Hillary had a large crowd watching her speech, but the iphones prove this was faked because they show an entirely different scene!


Staring at a Biblical WW3 Scenario

The world’s worst kept secret is the fact that Israel and the USA support/run ISIS. Now without any justification we are illegally bombing the sovereign country of Syria to help those Moslem terrorists overthrow Assad’s government.

The alignment of superpowers to fight the final battles of world history in the middle east is just as the Bible predicted thousands of years ago.

GETS WORSE: Hillary’s leg-bolt falls off

Hillary is wearing a hip/leg brace to keep her upright but a bolt broke off during her seizure and hit the ground with a clink:

9/11 was a crisis-actor hoax

FILE--Mark Bingham, 31, shown in this 1993 graduation photograph from the University of California, Berkeley, was killed aboard United Flight 93 from Newark, N.J. to San Francisco Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, after it crashed outside of Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Contra Costa Times, handout)

FILE–Mark Bingham, 31, shown in this 1993 graduation photograph from the University of California, Berkeley, was killed aboard United Flight 93 from Newark, N.J. to San Francisco Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, after it crashed outside of Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Contra Costa Times, handout)

Mark Bingham never existed. The image and caption above is taken from the CNN memorial website and it shows by its file exif data that it was created by the news media 13 days before the fake 9/11 attack occurred (H/T).

On September 11, 2001 the US government in concert with certain foreign intelligence agencies (e.g., Israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UK) performed the biggest a news media directed “terrorism” hoax ever. They imploded 2 recently purchased obsolete skyscrapers in New York City – called the Twin Towers – and used faked radar and news media computer graphics to pretend they were hit by hijacked airplanes killing tens of thousands of people – a number later reduced to under 3,000. They also demolished a nearby government-occupied skyscrapper – Building 7 – and blew a hole in the Pentagon building – in both cases destroying millions of files relating to government waste and corruption.

The “proof” that 3,000 people died consisted of thousands of ‘missing person’ flyers that suddenly were posted anonymously all around the implosion site which were collected and published by the news media. Many crisis-actor ‘survivors’ and ‘witnesses’ completed the illusion, and this was helped along by reports from CIA affiliated private companies who allegedly occupied the Twin Towers (which was actually vacant) of their allegedly missing employees.

The fraud was so elaborate that they created a back-up ‘truther‘ squad of select crisis-actors who insisted the hoax was real, but blamed the government for a cover-up conspiracy of either ‘allowing it to happen’ and/or murdering 3000 civilians intentionally.

But nobody died. The ‘truthers’ diverted attention away from the charade’s key components: hi-tech computer graphics, crisis-actors, and a news media that is actually controlled by the government.

Pope “grants” the world to UK monarch

Back in April 2014 that crafty Jesuit reptile in Rome presented Queen Elizabeth II with this highly unusually gift:

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

What does this little blue bowling ball represent if not planet earth? The base inscription reads, “Pope Francis to his Royal Majesty Prince George of Cambridge”.

The silver cross at the top is said to represent St Edward the Confessor – one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings and only English monarch ever “canonized” to sainthood by the Roman church.

This gift seems like a not-so-subtle hint that if the Royal Family re-joins Roman Catholicicm, the pope will go along with their monarch as king of the world.

The antichrist ensnares with flattery. Of course, the pope is a whore and would actually support any dictator that makes Romanism the world religion.

(“And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.” Daniel 11:21).


“Christ hands the World to Pope Gregory XIII and King Philip II of Spain”

This image depicts Christ giving the reign over planet earth jointly to Pope Gregory the 13th and Philip II of Spain, an evil ruler who presided over its bloody inquisition and who pursued the English crown by marrying that evil Queen Mary, better known historically as Bloody Mary.

The pope’s gift of this blue orb to Queen Elizabeth seems a rather blatant indicator that the devil wants to entice the king of England serve as the pope’s fellow antichrist.

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