More professional performers in Orlando hoax

Rodney Sumter


This Rodney performer was allegedly shot 3 times while working as a bartender.

Chris Enzo, a professional D.J. with an IMDb entry for producing music for a violent video game, showed up to tell the press what “injured” Rodney allegedly said happened before he was taken to the hospital:


Notice that D.J. Chris Enzo performs at ‘trap‘ events that include sodomites masquerading as young women. This terminology was included as an inside-joke on the ridiculous series of bizarre instant messages that one Orlando “victim” allegedly texted to his mother before supposedly being killed.

It appears that most of the people involved in the Orlando event are professional performers in one way or another. America has once again, with the help of the lying treasonous news media, been duped by a hoax performed by crisis-actors.

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Again! Crisis-Actor Baron Serranno


In the page below Baron Serrano’s ‘about’ description admits that he is an actor:


From the New York Times:

Barron Serrano said his brother Juan P. Rivera Velazquez, 37, who loved bodybuilding and karate, had been married to Luis Conde, 39, for 13 years, a partnership he said they had worked hard to nurture. Both were Puerto Rican. “They had a bumpy relationship, at first; it was not easy and they had ups and down, but they always forgot about their problems and stuck together,” Mr. Serrano said. “They were a very happy couple.”

How many coincidences?? All of these people are crisis-actors. They are laughing in our faces.

Another Orlando Crisis Actor: Jeannette McCoy


Jeannette McCoy was allegedly dancing with ‘Angel Colon,’ the guy who claimed he blocked a shotgun blast to his head with his hand. McCoy says she could smell blood during the “shooting”:

“People were dropping because they were getting shot. People were desperate to get out, trampling each other. I could smell the blood. I could smell the fear. “People were getting shot and dying right next to me.” McCoy said the male pal she was dancing with was shot but is expected to survive. “I have a friend in the hospital who took a bullet for me,” she said. “He was behind me . . . He’s in surgery.” (NYPost)

McCoy is a wanna-be celebrity has-been as can be seen by her bio: acted in Fantasy Lingerie Football League, posed for Playboy, and performed in World Beauty Fitness Fashion “WBFF” contests. This shallow narcissist has posted about a million vanity pictures of herself online.

This woman has clearly been involved in the ‘entertainment’ industry for years, but today appears to spend all her time at the gym and being a small-time rep for a multi-level marketing vitamins company. Another coincidence? I don’t think so. I think we can conclude that this Jeannette Mccoy is a pathetic crisis-actor and willing to do anything for a buck.


Christopher Hansen = crisis actor (Orlando Hoax)


This guy who played a central part of the Orlando shooting hoax is an actor.

Notice from the facebook post he auditioned to act in a film “Step Away from the Stone” by Rockproductions – but failed to get the part so they gave him the job of doing ‘make up’ instead.

Here is the facebook page:

I don’t want to embed his disgusting video so I’ll just link to it – it shows him auditioning for a TV Special on the “Oxygen” cable channel. (youtube deleted it!)

I guess I’ll have to embed it here:

Hansen is also a sodomite activist, as seen here propagandising at the Toledo OH sodomite parade:


He worked the Cedar Point amusement park and seems to have moved to Orlando to work at restaurants in/at Disney World. His father is retired Air Force. (His other video currently still remains available on youtube)

Other actors:

The shooter Omar as seen here in a sodomite ‘comedy’ called Love City Jalalabad:


By the way, guy fawkes’ mask feature prominently in that film:



The black women Patience Carter who said the shooter said “black have suffered enough” is a Fox News intern as well as an wanna-be actress and singer as well. Here she is singing “make a dollar” and her youtube videos page.


Patience Carter’s fat, ugly, short, negro girlfriend is Tiara Parker, and they work together in the entertainment industry; Tiara is the CEO of their joint production company called “Gen Next TV“:


They are active in Phillycam public access cable (Comcast):

[By the way, take a look at this strange post on their facebook page that links to “projectcasting” website]


[I can’t figure this out: why did GEN NEX TV decide to post something as incongruous as the shooting of 29 people in Chicago on their facebook page? It links to a website that appears to dedicated solely to recruiting people for acting roles, yet this news comes from them, and it’s listed as “entertainment news” – what is this all about??]

casting2[Did they apply for crisis acting roles in the Orlando hoax through this advertisements that appeared on this project casting site? (example; example)]


= = =

And the guy Luis Burbano – who claimed he locked the door behind him blocking people from leaving –  is also an actor as many other blogs have already exposed.

Dr Ruckman has gone to be with Jesus

Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

Pastor Peter S. Ruckman passed away on April 21, 2016 at 94 years of age.

He was a great man of God with a very special ministry fighting against the final apostasy of the end of the Church Age. His work influenced many, many people, including me. I am so grateful for everything I learned from him.

Despite mastering the study of Greek and Hebrew and Theology he turned against the system of Christian higher education that was churning out Bible-rejecting infidels. Dr Ruckman saw through the fraud of their system – claiming that they were teaching people to know God’s words better by learning Greek and Hebrew when in reality they were teaching students relativism and agnosticism. Dr Ruckman poured scorn on the stupidity of the arrogant scholars and he praised the wisdom of the ordinary Bible believer. They deeply resent him for this “betrayal”.

Ruckman preached that God by the Holy Ghost in 1611 had already translated into English words the correct Bible text for us to hold and believe – the King James Bible.

Dr Ruckman’s unshakable belief in the words of that Book as written was rewarded with tremendous insights into its meaning – like rocks of placer gold that he simply picked up with his hand which so many scholars before him had missed by digging down into the endless study of dead languages and chasing the phantoms of missing originals.

I’d call Ruckman a sage – he had vast amounts of true wisdom that he never ceased to pour forth.

I don’t say he was perfect, of course, but he set an example in Bible study, evangelism, teaching, pastoring, administration, writing, and contending for the truth that far surpass anybody else that I have ever been aware of.

I’d say that some of the aggressiveness in his presentation was for show – as he often admitted. But he was mistakenly judged as bitter, rash, angry, and prejudiced by those that hadn’t met him in person or refused to give him allowance considering all the circumstances of his life and ministry. Love covers a multitude of sins – and Dr Ruckman had a weeping love over the lost and a jealous love for the words of “that blessèd Book” – the Authorized Version.

One day I will meet him in glory and ask him about his disappointment at missing the rapture, but aside from that, I believe he is rejoicing now with a great reward and having no regrets for having spent his life in faithful Christian service.

Who is as the wise man? and who knoweth the interpretation of a thing? a man’s wisdom maketh his face to shine, and the boldness of his face shall be changed.” Ecclesiastes 8:1

How to remove Daily Mail’s column of sleaze

The Daily Mail is a rather idiotic newspaper but it does seem to have scoops on a lot of news – often posted hours before the American papers (which is rather strange, isn’t it??). It would be better never to read the stupid site at all – there are so many better things to do than read the news. Yet if you do visit it, unfortunately it also pushes side adverts that are risqué and perverted – the so-called “column of sleaze” – a miserable distraction to avoid.

Here’s a primer on how to delete them all:

Step 1

Download and install Adblock Plus on your browser. It’s 100% free but accepts donations.

Step 2

Upgrade Adblock by installing the Adblock Element Hiding feature – also free.

Step 3

Open “filter preferences” page and uncheck the box that says “allow some non-intrusive advertising”

Step 4

Subscribe to a pre-made filter list such as “Easy List” (you will be glad you did, this blocks tons of ads).

Step 5

Go to ‘Custom Filters’ tab then and add filters one at a time as follows:

(Adblock rules)

(Element hiding rules)

= = =

Done ! no more distracting side column adverts.

However, if the Daily Mail ever changes their format and renames these sleazy elements then the ad-blocking will have to be edited again. By using “inspect element” you can find the new names and re-block them if need be.

Scalia dies in the company of oddball Catholic cult

Antonin Scalia's pal, lawyer C. Allen Foster

Antonin Scalia’s pal, lawyer C. Allen Foster

Washington Post has finally told us that Scalia’s hunting pal was a lawyer named C. Allen Foster and the mysterious entourage he was travelling with was a secretive Catholic hunting cult called the “International Order of St Hubertus” – it has evidently been connected to Bohemian Grove and a logo that resembles Jägermeister.

Thumbnail images of lawyer C. Allen Foster:

The police report adds some interesting details – including an unplugged “breathing device” hose, a pitcher of water covered by a napkin, and a flashlight:

“The sheets and pillows that were being used by Scalia were still in the creased position from that day’s room service, indicating that there was no struggle involved. A breathing apparatus was present on the table next to the lamp, on the left side of the bed. The hose for the machine was resting on the edge of the left side of the bed on the bed sheets. The breathing machine was switched off and the hose was not attached to Scalia. … A fashlight and pitcher of water with a glass were present on the table on the right side of the bed. The pitcher of water still had a napkin folded over the top. On the work station table in the room, on the left side there was an orange cap, a set of keys, a pen, a watch, and a bottle of water.”

Washington Post reports that “U.S. Marshals Service said that Scalia had declined a security detail while at the ranch.”

What is very strange is how massively secretive these creepy people are being even though this is obviously a quite notable incident. A Supreme Court judge dies and these men who are allegedly responsible citizens all think they can just hide away and say nothing while the entire world wonders who they are and what they have been doing.  Very suspicious – they might not have killed Scalia, but clearly whatever they were doing they want kept under wraps. If so, none of them would report anything suspicious to protect themselves, even if they have useful information about what may have really happened to Scalia.

= = =

PS. Scalia’s lawyer friend Charles Allen Foster also sits on the U.S. board of directors for “The Society of the Friends of St George’s and Descendants of the Knights of the Garter” – a group linked to the British Royal Family.


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