Left uses suicides to exaggerate “killed by gun” statistics

Next time you read “killed by firearms” statistics, remember that almost 70% of them are actually suicides!

There are also justifiable killings in self-defence, killings by law enforcement, and unfortunate accidents.

What remains, after all that has been deducted, are criminal killings – many of which were perpetrated by felons who are already prohibited from possessing firearms.

You can cut further your chances of being shot by a firearm by over 50% simply by scrupulously avoiding all blacks, hispanics (wrongly listed as “white” in the FBI statistics), and other suspicious/violent people since most gunshot victims are killed by blacks, hispanics, and/or somebody they already know as a friend, boyfriend, neighbour, relative, employee, acquaintance (i.e., their drug-dealer).

Cut your chances of being killed by a stranger by avoiding black and hispanic areas, not remaining in dangerous areas, not putting yourself in vulnerable situations (alone, intoxicated), not going out late at night.

After eliminating all of the above, firearms are your best friends – they protect you.


Steve Pieczenik exposes the corruption that has invaded the Trump regime & Iran


Nasa Hoax

Youtube is deleting this one – NASA’s hoax is 100% busted – very clearly a wire.

More here.

Fake Deaths: footage of Las Vegas dummy CPR

link http://i.4cdn.org/pol/1507873401728.webm

Normally a plastic CPR dummy is on the ground flat where this strange sort of head movement happen. But inside the wheelbarrow the head jerks up and down bouncing back to its original position.

Example of trauma “Sim Man” mannequins (warning: uncomfortable to watch):


Trump exposing the news fakery … this is great

The fake news and FBI are doing a horrible job trying to sell the phoney Las Vegas “massacre” narrative to the public – meanwhile Trump is attacking them at the same time! This could get interesting.


Las Vegas fakery

Not believable. All these dead people abandoned and left behind to die? No, this would not happen this way. Their friends and even strangers would be dragging them to safety and trying to CPR on them and there would be a swarms of police and paramedics everywhere.