Taylor’s guide to devotion

Jeremy Taylor, Anglican Bishop of Down and Connor (Ulster).

A pdf copy of his famous work can be downloaded at Google Books:

The golden grove, a choice manual




“Britain First” are, sadly, idiots

Britain First thinks Islam is the problem. They mean well but they’re 100% wrong.

Islam’s power is because they do RIGHT what the West does WRONG, therefore God has raised them up to punish us.

Islam isn’t bad because they kill sodomites, force women to stop being sluts, and otherwise repress typical Western “freedumbs” – those things are its sole redeeming aspects.

Britain First attacks are not only presumptuous and misdirected against the Moslem menace, they are further doomed because the seek common-cause with Christ-rejecting Jews and Hindus – sought out as our Western allies for also tolerating licentiousness and immorality.

We don’t need an America First or Britain First party. We need a “Repent First” political party.

According to eternal principals, those that repent and obey by executing God’s wrath against the wicked are the ones raised to power. Therefore the only way to defeat Islam is to out-do them in intolerance of evil.

Only when we start killing off all the sex perverts and violent criminals, eradicating feminism with a new “white Sharia”, and ending the irreligious freedumbs of all the blasphemous sickos, especially in the Media, Hollywood, Education, and Law, that’s when God will turn again and save us from our enemies.

Unstoppable Pyromaniac Beaner is Burning California Down

Illegal alien that likes to play with matches is schooling Governor Moonbeam on what the wrath of God really looks like – unquenchable fire!


DANGER! SUICIDE risk for Christians who reject the KJV !!

Another mega-pastor has popped-off. Bill Lenz couldn’t think of a reason to stay alive any longer so he suicided himself.

Despite a ministry aimed at preventing suicide, he killed himself. But is that really surprising given the Bible he used? Instead of the “Comforter” found in the King James Bible, he used modern versions like the New American Standard Bible, and only had a “Helper” !!

What good is a “helper” to somebody dying of depression? A “Helper” won’t end your misery – so what the modern bible version offer can’t stop you from killing yourself!

Get a King James Bible – learn about the “Comforter” !!


Trump + Pence = “Trumpets”

I hadn’t noticed this before.

The Rapture and Tribulation Timeline

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Nobody knows the day when this all starts, but the events after the first rapture will be timed exactly. However, most people in the world will be fooled into thinking WW3 was the “tribulation” and then that the “world peace” that follows is permanent – but it certainly won’t be.

Toward the very end of the great tribulation, the timing of days won’t change, but the earth’s rotation will speed up dramatically shortening the days from 24 hours to only 16 hours, reducing the scorching sunlight so that all the people don’t get killed by the heat.

Revelation 12:14 says that “the woman” – presumably Israel – flees into the wilderness for 1,260 days. Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24:20 that that flight by the Jews is in response to the abomination of desolation, so their stay in the wilderness is 30 days shorter than the total 1,290 days from the abomination of desolation to the end. The haste indicated by Matthew 24:20 suggest that there is no delay at the beginning, so the 30 days short must be at the very end. In other words, the rapture of elect/wise-virgins/tribultation-saints (Rev 14:14-16) happens (on the 1260th day) 30 days before Christ’s return and the battle of Armageddon (on the 1290th day)(Rev 14:17-20).


Let me add some additional speculation:

So the final 3.5 year great tribulation over all the earth is a subset of a 7 year period for dealing with Israel, and that is a subset of the 10 year tribulation over all the earth starting with World War 3. But those 10 years may be subset of a 14 year period, as there were 14 years prophesied by Joseph concerning Egypt when he interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams (Genesis 41). Joseph predicted 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of dearth. The final dearth of 7 years would start with “world peace” because that is when the beast-mark computer financial system is implemented and cash is outlawed – thrusting billions into poverty. The 7 years before that of plenty would include 3 years for World War 3 – when trillions are spent and billions are employed in the War Effort, and also 4 years before that, to total 7 years of plenty.

If that is true, the timing of the first rapture of the church is more uncertain. Would it happen at the start of the time of plenty? Would it happen in the middle? Would it happen before WW3? Or during WW3?

It might be that Trump’s presidency has already started the final 7 years of plenty – perhaps already confirmed by record-breaking stock market levels, low unemployment, and all the greedy enthusiasm in the air. 2016 + 14 years = 2030. It seems right that the Lord Jesus would return 2030 since that would (probably) be exactly 2,000 years after his earthly ministry.

With a period of great material abundance all the world’s sinners will grow that much worse, they will be more jaded and hardened in sin, and even as the the timeline of judgment becomes obvious they will refuse to repent.

In January 2017 Trump’s presidency started, and on December 6, 2017 he announced recognition of Jerusalem and to move the embassy there, putting the USA on a collision course with the United Nations, setting up World War 3 against Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea starting sometime in 2020. Hopefully the rapture, if this example is the scenario, would happen long before 2020, hopefully in 2017!

This part is admitted speculation, it’s an example of giving dates, not to predict those dates, but only to demonstrate how the theoretical end-time timeline could transpire.

Less time if he threw a bomb instead of bacon

A “hate” vandal gets a 15-year prison sentence for the terrible crime of leaving a strip of bacon at a “Mosque” in Florida in the middle of the night.

He could have fire-bombed the place instead: burning an unoccupied structure is considered 2nd degree arson and its maximum punishment depending on damage is also 15 years in prison

And with a firebomb he might have burned up the security footage and not gotten caught, and even if he did, at least he would have done something worthwhile by destroying all the korans inside. But alas, he wasted some perfectly good bacon, and he is going to be doing 15 years in the pokey all the same.

Meanwhile, Hillary is still not in prison, our tax dollars are still paying mothers to murder their 9-month old babies in the womb, sodomites are fornicating in the streets, and Planned Parenthood is still making millions selling aborted-baby body parts. But oh well, at least a “hater” is getting what he deserves for hurting the feelings of the poor rag-heads.