Fake “Christian” Lesbian gets a Real Christian Suspended from Twitter

So this Julie Rodgers is an evil lesbian that specializes in exploiting her nominally “Christian” background as a perch to give the “inside story” on how hateful and deluded we all are for believing what God said – and uses her own flunk-out from “conversion therapy” to attack other people who have successfully repented and escaped from that wicked lifestyle through faith in Christ. About three years ago she had a disgraceful public episode at Wheaton College that has been documented. Apparently she hid the fact that she supported sodomite marriage and had to leave as a counsellor after the school found out. The dyke is now an unemployed scrounger correction: “an advocate for LGBT people in Christian communities.”.

Her opinion piece published in the New York Times yesterday is called, “What I learned from Gay Conversion Therapy” and in it she dumps on the ‘celebration’ being held by some repented sodomites.

(It’s not clear how well all these people succeed, after all they’ve destroyed their minds and bodies through sin, causing long-lasting damage, so it is not surprising that they would continue to struggle, just like former alcoholics and drug addicts that turn to Christ. What Jesus offers us now is a saved soul – he doesn’t save our bodies until the resurrection.)

Anyhow, near the end of her article this Julie Rodgers demon finally reveals the following:

“I’m engaged to a woman named Amanda Hite, and our shared passion for Jesus is central to our relationship.”

Hite is another equally butchy looking lesbian that is involved in all sorts of nominally altruistic social justice fundraising for faggots. Here’s their idiotic join video entitled “you stupid Christians have to bake my damn cake” or something like that:

Obviously this Julie Rodgers is not a private party that is not bothering anybody and just keeping her death-style in the closet. No, not at all: she is working publicity in concert with sodomite organizations and the news media to spew evil propaganda to try to eliminate our Christian rights to preach godly repentance, and she is laying support for proposed laws that will literally outlaw the sale of the Bible.

The lesbian wacko Julie Rodgers is a public activist with a very pernicious anti-christian agenda. 

Therefore she is 100% fair game to be criticized by me on “twitter” or anywhere else. The public deserves to know who this alleged “Christian” lesbian really is and why she is writing publicly in support of laws that will result in the censoring of Christianity and the outlawing of the Holy Bible.

This is what I posted:

@Julie_rodgers @nytimes WHAT?! Quote:”I’m engaged to a woman named Amanda Hite, and our shared passion for Jesus is central to our relationship.” RIGHT. Actually that’s nothing, why not also marry a dog, a donkey, and a gorilla, and snake and really show the world how progressive you are?!

With this funny cartoon attached:

In other words, she is no Christian at all: she is a demon possessed witch who doesn’t give a hoot about what the Bible says. She isn’t content to engage in lesbian perversions, she has to go the extra step of blaspheming God by “marrying” a woman, desecrating the family unit. Two lesbians “marrying” is no more legitimate than them marrying a dog or donkey.

Twitter has removed my post from public view but demands that I comply by also deleting it – which I will not do. They are suspending my ability to express my religion and political beliefs. The 12 hour suspension period will continue indefinitely and I see that there is no use in using twitter because I will soon get shut down permanently.

Twitter alleges a right to censor as a “private company” but it is not appropriate that state officials working for the government sanction such religious discrimination against me by using the Twitter service for the official announcements.

Time to file a lawsuit to shut those officials down.


Jude 1:4 “For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.”

= = =

UPDATE: I see Twitter deleted another one of my posts without even telling me:



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