Christian phonies heap praise on dead atheist sex-pervert Stephen Hawking


Prof Hawking was a “theoretical physicist” – meaning a useless gas-bag who accomplished nothing worthwhile in his entire life. He came up with “theories” about the universe that are nothing more than his own imaginary speculation. He invented nothing, he built nothing, he helped nobody, in sum his life was big fat zero.

His only contribution was the disservice he did us of writing a few cosmological fantasy tales that spread his manure of atheism.

It would have been better off had he died many years earlier – he might have at least avoided incurring the extra damnation on his soul of dragging a few poor gullible saps down to hell with himself.

Why would any so-called Christian ministers praise such a godless fool? Because fools of a feather flock together. Welby and Sentamu are nothing but apostate hirelings – apt leaders of the dead Anglican church.

Dr Hawking didn’t let his deformity and paralysis stop him from carnal living. He cheated on his long-suffering Christian wife, divorced her, divorced his next wife, announced that “God is dead“, proclaimed “there is no heaven“, and spent his life frequenting swinger-clubs.

Stephen Hawking wasn’t a “brilliant atheist” – he was a pathetic cripple.

Good riddance.



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