Two-faced Vatican supports Moslems because they will bring bloodshed to Europe and America

The Moslem invaders amassing in Europe and America are a dangerous Trojan horse, a sleeper army of jihadis, waiting to launch a  bloody conflict that ends with only one outcome: a Catholic dictator.

That dictator will have either led the victorious Moslems, or he led those that defeated them.

Rome is currently heavily pushing the Islamic invasion so they can secure the beachhead for their army, but, of course, once conflicts breaks out they will pretend to be ‘shocked’ and ‘bemoan the bloodshed’ and play both sides till the conflict final ends, and then cozy up with the winner. Thus either way Rome hopes to achieve a victory through the problems it is creating.

So history repeats itself, Rome happily using Moslem mercenaries to achieve power, as it did in Spain eighty years ago.


Slimane Betmaki smiles at the memory of the terror he inflicted on Spanish villagers on behalf of former dictator Francisco Franco.

He and many of his comrades recruited to Franco’s cause still cling to a belief in the rightness of the fight against suspected sympathizers of Spanish communist “Rojos” (Reds), whom Moroccan conscripts saw as the enemies of religion.

Now 98, he recalls children, women and the elderly fleeing at the sound of the Islamic prayers he and his fellow soldiers chanted while attacking and destroying their settlements.

“We spared nothing and no one. We uprooted everything and killed everyone we encountered,” Betmaki said with pride.

“We chanted an Islamic prayer to praise the Prophet Mohammed before launching raids. Horrified Spaniards attempted to flee as soon as they heard the words of our prayer.”

Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards were killed in the 1936-39 conflict that Franco began after raising a rebel army in Spanish Morocco, and which saw the forces of the elected Republican government in Madrid defeated.

That old Moslem was one of thousands who massacred innocent Spaniards in a campaign of terror to install generalissimo Franco, Spain’s Catholic dictator, to power.

Vatican’s support of the Moslem invaders:

. . .and simultaneous opposition to the Moslems:






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