Prince Harry’s sheboon girlfriend


Rachel “Meghan” Markle . . .  life imitating art

  • She’s a nigger
  • She’s an actress-whore who performs many sex-scenes
  • She’s divorced and a cheater
  • Long list of ex-boyfriends
  • Her first husband was a Jew
  • She’s a childless old maid and already wrinkled
  • She’s 3 years older than he is
  • She’s a Roman Catholic and likely converted to Judaism
  • Her family is a jumble of alcoholic losers, bankrupts, and violent criminals
  • She grew up in a broken-home with divorced parents
  • Her father is a Jew who worked as a grunt in Hollywood, filed for bankruptcy and now lives in Mexico.
  • Her mother is 100% LA nigger-slut ‘therapist’ and ‘yoga instructor’
  • She’s worse than a ‘commoner’ – she’s hopelessly low-class
  • She’s not a U.K. citizen, not even a Commonwealth citizen
  • She’s naturally repulsive looking, lot of cosmetics to get her slutty look
  • Members of her own family have described her as a ‘shallow social climber’ and ‘pushy’.
  • She’s a liberal SJW feminist

What a snub this is to all the beautiful young English ladies – all of them rejected so that their eligible prince could marry an old foreign brown person.

While they are betrayed, this arrangement secures an alliance with all the dirty unchaste non-christian mud-people of the world. All the mingled people with funny names no longer need to feel like outsiders: Obama and Meghan have grasped the brass ring on their behalf.

Undoubtedly Harry has been advised strongly against this doomed arrangement, but it seems perfectly fitting with the general rot and decay of everything else these days.

3 Comments on “Prince Harry’s sheboon girlfriend”

  1. David Snyder says:

    I shared your site with a group of brothers in Christ this a.m
    We will be praying for you


    • MackQuigley says:

      Pray for the millions of victims of black violence and race hustling instead, and ask the Lord to hasten the glorious day when the last remaining negro is turned into a eunuch for the betterment and peace of future mankind (Isaiah 14:21-22; Ps 37:28; Zechariah 14:21; Matthew 19:12; Isaiah 56:3; Acts 8:27; Jeremiah 38:7-13)


  2. Gonsalvo Ballsack says:

    Folks, Harry KNOWS that he is a bastard –his noodle-headed mother, Diana, admits to many affairs, Harry looks very little like Prince Charles or his half-brother, and red-headed Harry is a dead ringer for the army chap who was nailing Diana at the time Harry was conceived. So all his life, Harry has been an “outsider” and now his bright idea is a sheboon can be his “soulmate” because she is also an outsider. Harry doesn’t really know her and, after a year or so, he will realize his mistake and the stank will start to bother him.



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