Sutherland Springs TX church shooting – another hoax

Doesn’t Rev. Frank Pomeroy seem a little bit creepy ?

Yes, I’ll call it a hoax because all of these mass shootings end up being exposed as hoaxes.

Of course, it would take a lot of time and effort to track down all of the loose ends and inconsistencies, by which time this will no longer be front-page news. They’ve done this hoax so many times that they’ve realized the best thing to do is to tell the story via Facebook and show Facebook pictures and then get mad if anybody doubts.

  • Where are the bodies?
  • The church isn’t far from Ft Hood
  • is a part of that Masonic “Southern Baptist” convention (rejects KJV)
  • Preacher Frank Pomeroy and wife were out-of-town in Oklahoma for unspecified “training” when event happened.
  • Pomeroys left their young “adopted” daughter home all alone to be killed at church
  • Pictures seem to depict the Pomeroys have adopted several “special needs” kids
  • (Texas is infamous for its corrupt foster care system)
  • Tiny church can barely hold 50 people, but allegedly 25 killed and 25 wounded
  • Average Church attendance wasn’t 50 – would have been even smaller with guest preacher.
  • So many killed yet shooting spree only lasted 15 seconds ?
  • Video of every single Sunday was recorded – why isn’t there video of the day shooting happening?
  • Preacher now wants to demolish the church and build a monument instead!
  • Pictures of crazy gunman don’t match
  • Strange tattoo guy, Langendorff, who allegedly shot suspect, is not convincing
  • Jumps in car of stranger – Stephen Willeford – and they pursue suspect to a crash? story convoluted
  • Langendorff has entertainment background as rodeo-show performer

I’d be suspicious that the Feds knew of something illegal happening at the church, perhaps involving foster kids, and they cooperated with the FBI’s fake shooting hoax to avoid prison.

If the church was full why was the parking lot empty??


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