Reminder: Nobody died on 9/11 – it was a hoax

9/11 is one of the greatest hoaxes of all time. The American news media managed to convince the entire world that 3,000 people were killed when planes crashed into the Twin Towers. But there were no planes and nobody died.

It is understanding that almost everyone was fooled in 2001 – but it is now a full 16 years later and anybody who remains fooled is either bone ignorant or else impossible to teach because they hate the truth.

They had over an hour and a half to evacuate and got everybody out. Both those buildings were completely empty.

And so was building 7 that was also taken down in a controlled demolition that day – and it wasn’t even hit by a “plane” !

The 9/11 hoax was brought to you by professional liars in the US government, the CIA, Israeli Mossad, the News Media, and Hollywood.

The alt-media only half-exposed the hoax – showing that it was an inside job while very carefully reinforcing false beliefs in real planes and real victims so that the only the US government would be blamed while media propaganda would retain credibility for its continued use in more hoax events (like Sandy Hook “shooting”, etc).



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