Font selling scam – ALL FONTS ARE FREE !

Nobody is allowed to get a copyright in a font:  All fonts are free!

They trick people into paying for fonts.

Monopolists Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe hatched the “font business” scam by conspiring together to include restriction in their font file formats. Word processing software complies with these phoney font limitations and often fails to embed “restricted” fonts into document files and won’t “print to pdf” using that font.

This is pernicious!

Its like selling pencils and then trying to control what people write with the pencil and not letting people photocopy whatever you write.

Yet the don’t restrict themselves – they have a font platform that they conspired together to make mutually readable. So the font people make fonts that are intentionally going to be put into documents that other computers are going to download and read – but then they want to say you have no power after that to use the same font to write back. It’s like selling a car and saying “don’t use our car to drive to the beach” and “don’t sell our car to anybody else afterwards” you can’t do that.

Since they know copyright claims are a lie, they pretend they issue a “license” for the font, but this is bogus. They didn’t hang their font on the wall like art, and they didn’t manufacture their own proprietary code for depicting the font. Rather, they intentionally put the font into the public domain by formatting it as true-type-font in order to be  meshed with all other computers. It’s like a guy doing a performance on the street and then claiming that nobody can photograph him or that he owns the right to the recording. If the first guy who got the font had a “license” that’s not my problem – he sent me the letter with the fonts in it and I never agreed to any such “license” when I received and read it. Now I own that font and I can use however I please!

And you can to.



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