Great idea how to fight internet censorship

Is there anything we can do to stop twitter, youtube, google, and paypal into boycotting “bad” people who express politically incorrect opinions?

It’s a dubious concept that private companies can freely discriminate against conservatives but apparently people aren’t have great success stopping them.

Here’s a strategy that might work: sue all the politicians and governments who use google, twitter, youtube, and paypal as part of their official services. By requiring that the public access their official message or pay for services through private companies that engage in view-point discrimination, the government and politicians are thereby illegally endorsing the suppression of First Amendment rights.

If we can’t directly get google, youtube, twitter, and paypal to stop what they are doing against conservatives, perhaps we can do it indirectly by having politicians realize that they must force these companies to operate fairly otherwise they will lose access to their services.

This is a brilliant approach!


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