1951 Truman fired Gen MacArthur who wanted to BOMB China to solve Korea problem

One of the greatest blunders of recent history was America’s incompetence after WW2 in relinquishing both Eastern Europe and China to the misery of communism.

Had our generals Patton and MacArthur been given the chance both Russia and China would have been defeated, America would have been the sole superpower, and there never would have been any communism or cold-war.

Communist aggression against the West began quickly. In 1948 the soviets blockaded Berlin and would soon invade the rest of Eastern Europe. In China in 1949 the nationalists were defeated and Mao declared China a communist state. In 1950 China and Russia signed a treaty of friendship and they became atomic-powers as communist traitors Klaus Fuchs and Ethel and Julius Rosenberg gave them the atomic bomb.

In June 1950 the Korean war started when communists from North Korea invaded South Korea and took Seoul. General MacArthur – head of the “UN Forces” – retook Seoul in September, but in November hoards of communist Chinese swarmed back in and overwhelmed the Americans in freezing weather, exacting very heavy casualties. By January 1951 the communists again took Seoul and demolished it – when it was recovered once again by the “UN Forces” a few months later in March the city was found to be 80% destroyed.

In the meantime the nationalists had retreated to Taiwan, the Chinese invaded Tibet, and they were refusing to discuss any truce with General MacArthur. Chairman Mao began liquidating China’s elite and launched agrarian reforms that would result in the starvation of tens of millions.

MacArthur advocated widening the offensive against mainland China in order to win the conflict. With China and Russia in alliance, it was feared that this action might triggered a new world-war.

President Truman responded by relieving the general of his duties in April 1951. The generals who resumed command in Korea after him were unable to achieve any victory and the situation in Korean became a stalemate that has divided the country to this day.

If we resume hostilities against North Korea, we will re-start the clock where it paused in 1951. We will be stuck in a military stalemate unless we widen the conflict to neutralize their support from China – and that will trigger China to pull Russian into the conflict.


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