3 Coast-to-Coast Total Eclipses across America

In a few days the USA is about to experience its first cross-country total eclipse in 99 years.

Which brings up the question: Was there one before 1918?

That would be in 1618 – from Washington State to the Gulf of Mexico – somewhat visible in New England where the “Great Migration” to the new American Colonies had just begun.

There was a close one in 1623 – but it actually ended at about Greenville, NC a few miles before making it all the way to the Atlantic seaboard.

The total eclipse in 1834 crossed the USA but they came down from Canada instead of from the Pacific Ocean. Another in 1806 started in Mexico instead of the USA.

So that’s only three coast-to-coast total eclipses that I could fine in 400 years:

The first coincided with America’s founding in 1618, the next coincided with the end of the first World War in 1918, and now this one in 2017 . . .  that signals what ?!?

[Taken from NASA’s webpage]


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