Microsoft’s spyware “Printspooler” and “Windows Image Acquisition” ?

I’ve noticed for years that whenever I print off a large number of pages, a short time later my internet connection starts to lag and doesn’t free up again until I close the “printspooler” that for some reason is now at 100% CPU and hogging the internet. This isn’t a virus – this is microsoft’s spying technology. I also notice that a service called “Windows Image Acquisition” or WIA keeps re-enabling. I’d say this is probably taking screenshots and sending them somewhere. And I’ve notice that they have a bunch of “svchost.exe” all running at the same time and connected to the internet. I’d suppose this is to defeat firewalls so that they can route their spying through one of those instances. And I’ve notice that often when the internet gets clogged down and I open “task manager” to investigate what is happening, that suddenly the problem disappears! But as soon as taskmgr.exe is closed, the problem reaappears. Looking at the CPU history it shows an immediate drop from 100% to normal. So they’ve got some smart-trigger that stops their spying programs as soon as somebody starts to track them down by opening the task manager. Very clever. When that happens sometimes I’ll just leave the task manager open in order to get things done.



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