Bill Hick’s “Alex Jones” fraud has gotten old


For over 10 years people have been exposing the fact that “Alex Jones” is really Bill Hicks – and I’ve been exposing it myself over 3 years – yet he goes on and on brazenly lying and, surprisingly, people keep on taking him seriously. It’s pathetic.

I wouldn’t care that Bill Hicks decided to reinvent himself as “Alex Jones” – except for three things:

  1. He has never repudiated all the evil crap he spewed as Bill Hicks, and he continues to let morons idolize him.
  2. He used media fakery to create false “Alex Jones” kid pictures just like the media did to make fake Sandy Hook kids.
  3. He continues to pretend that hoax media events are real.

Since he won’t repudiate his past it means he remains a sleazy devil worshipper, and his use of media fakery for himself, and his continual cover-up for the media’s fakery, means he is nothing more than a CIA deception agent posing as an authentic patriot.


One Comment on “Bill Hick’s “Alex Jones” fraud has gotten old”

  1. PS says:

    There’s more wrong with AJ than the Bill Hicks identity. AJ is wasting the energy (and in some cases money) of millions of people by leading them away from the truth, away from true Christianity to New Age garbage. AJ is the ultimate personification of controlled opposition.

    For example AJ believes in evolution of the human “species” as one of our highest values (instead of just believing in a Creator, and the values taught in the Bible). For example AJ has over the years mentioned dozens of theories of how the “planes” were directed on 9/11 into the WTC (among them: poison gas in the plane, remote control planes, switching of planes in the air) yet always rejected the much simpler, much clearer explanation of no planes at any 9/11 location (since none were found at any of the 3).
    In light of the Hicks deception, we should reconsider how AJ “predicted 9/11” on his show, and how on his show of 9/11/2001, probably as one of the first members of the public, he questioned the collapse of Building 7. Was AJ told of 9/11 in advance, only to take control of the 9/11 truth movement and lead it into a dead end? If so, he is a traitor of the highest order, not just a small fraudster who fakes his identity.

    The truth sets us free, lies and half-truths keep us trapped.
    The truth simplifies, lies complicate.
    The truth makes us powerful, lies make us weak.

    A regular listener of AJ/Infowars is presented with a highly complicated, New Age worldview, where a solution to everything seems unreachable. The only thing one can do, according to Infowars, is to keep listening to and supporting Infowars, the “tip of the spear” in fighting the NWO.



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