Insane Russia criminalizes peaceful JW’s while building mosques for Moslems

BBC reports

The ban came into effect after the court rejected an appeal by the religious group against a ruling in April which declared it to be extremist. The justice ministry had argued that the group distributed pamphlets which incited hatred against other groups. The group described the ruling as the end of religious freedom in Russia. The denomination says it has 175,000 members in Russia – a country where it was persecuted during the Stalin era. It will be required to hand over all its properties, known as Kingdom Halls, to the Russian government.

The group’s Russia spokesman, Yaroslav Sivulsky, said that “religious freedom in Russia is over”. “There were no real facts of any extremism on part of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s all about bad literature and intolerance. Now anyone who studies the Bible can be jailed,” he said, quoted by Newsweek magazine.

One pamphlet distributed by the group quoted the novelist Leo Tolstoy as describing the doctrine of the Russian Orthodox Church as superstition and sorcery. Officials have accused the religion of destroying families, propagating hatred and endangering lives. The [Orthodox] Church had also joined calls for a ban.

Ridiculous persecution of a harmless quasi-christian minority. There will probably be more from that JW cult in heaven than from those “Orthodox” idolators who worship paintings and pray to Mary.

Meanwhile, Russia’s president Putin officially dedicates the “Cathedral Mosque” in Moscow, now Europe’s largest site for Islamic worship.

The religion of terrorists gets the red carpet treatment, while the harmless JW’s get shooed out of the country.

Although JW’s are heretics, they fell out of favour by being “fundamentalists,” so, of course, all real Bible-believers are going to be next on the hit list.


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