King Billy (the Antichrist)

“The liberties of England, and the Protestant Religion, I will maintain.” Brixham, Devon, England.

It’s marching time (July 12th) in Ulster where they’ll be celebrating the Glorious Revolution and good King Billy’s victory in 1690 at the Battle of the Boyne … (and a reminder that the white horse antichrist will also be named King William)

One Comment on “King Billy (the Antichrist)”

  1. Mark Brown says:

    Ruckmanite friends of mine are hammering the Antichrist is Assyrian/Syrian.
    Some are questioning Diana’s line due to her attraction of the Egyptian with her at her death.
    No other tie seems to fit this one wrench in the gears of the astounding numerics involved.
    Can anyone force a Syrian into William for us?



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