Tag word #Whitesharia is under discussion. The concept is interesting but the terminology is initially off-putting because of association with crackpot Moslems. Upon reflection, use of the term is actually a clever device.

What “sharia” means:

Sharīʿah is an Arabic term used to designate Islamic law. It originally referred to a path trodden by camels to a water source … the way is one that leads the righteous believer to Paradise in the afterlife. The sharīʿah … range far beyond the sphere of religious concerns strictly speaking and extend to the mundane affairs of everyday life. … The historical origin of the sharīʿah lies in the revelation that Muslims believe was given to the prophet Muḥammad by God … later recorded in a text known as the Qurʾān…. The prevailing view among Muslims is that the Qurʾān laid the underpinnings for a distinctively Islamic legal order and one that all Muslims are bound to follow as a token of their submission (islām in Arabic) to the will of God.

So “sharia” means a legal system given by God that regulates secular life. Thus there is not such thing as “separation of church and state” in Islam. Laws that comes down from God are, of course, superior to laws merely invented by men, such as civil law today in the West. It was invented by men for men. It creates imaginary “equal rights” which results in bizarre rulings that are inconsistent with the natural order where all things are not “equal”.

Of course, nobody with half a brain is going to accept “sharia” inventions of a raving Arab demoniac, but to the extent the otherwise ridiculous religion of Islam plagiarized sacred truths already found in the Holy Bible, it is 100% correct. The true “sharia” found in the Holy Scriptures is not discredited merely because some desert Bedouins attempted to replicate it with their own counterfeit-sharia.

Western secular civil law has failed to maintain a disciplined society, yet the discredited “sharia” of Islam’s lying prophet is no remedy. Yet aspects of are attractive to solve the immorality, feminism, sodomy, usury, degeneracy, and other problems created by our broken and misguided legal system.

The media presents a false-choice between a status quo of “freedom”, feminism, and faggotry versus moral reform through fanatical-Islamic terrorism. This is not our dilemma: We can reject both.

Our legal system should be authentic “white sharia” based on the moral commandments found in the Holy Bible.

The baggage of religious fanaticism implied by the term “sharia” isn’t all bad. It adopts a swagger that essentially says,

“We won’t debate feminism and faggotry with women and faggots. God has spoken.”

Women should not vote; fathers should arrange their daughters’ marriages; they should not own property; no driving; dress-codes and head-coverings; no abortions or birth-control; not allowed in male professions; not permitted to take any position over a man; husband’s have power to beat their wives; husbands only hold power to divorce; husbands retain custody of children; no secondary education; etc.


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