The Lion, Man, Calf, & Eagle Antichrists

The manifestation of Jesus Christ which is symbolized in the 4 gospels as lion, man, calf, and eagle  is so profound and unique that a singular attempt at satanic mimicry would never be as credible: therefore the devil’s ultimate antichrist imitation requires four actors, each excelling in a different messianic attribute.

The devil cannot know when his hour of freedom will arrive (when the rapture occurs), so he always has to be ready with present characters ready to play the parts in the final drama of the tribulation. He must have a man, a king, a servant, and a high-priest ready to step forward to rule the world as his four antichrists.


Time may require understudies to take their part, but here is a suggestion of how the devil could take 4 current world-political personalities as his components for masquerading a world-government under his own power as a counterfeit substitute for the rightful governor, Jesus Christ.

Ultimate Man (Putin)

Priest (Pope)

Servant (Obama)


King (Prince Charles)


99 months = July 2017 !!


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