Re-education camps for detained immigrants?

Why not make captured illegal aliens enter “re-education camps” along the border where they either earn their re-admission into the USA or else flunk out and, after an unpleasant period of punitive detention, get deported to their homeland with orders not to re-enter the USA under pain of long imprisonment. The illegal immigrants in the re-educations camps would be given the opportunity and incentive to acquire proficiency in English, prove a committent to White Christian culture, and demonstrate a  humble law-abiding attitude – and if successful, be rewarded with permanent non-voting work & residency permits applicable to them and their descendants (ending birth place citizenship).

If illegals who get amnesty and their children are permanently prohibited from voting, the liberals will no longer have any incentive to bribe such voters with policies that harm real Americans.

It’s a win-win proposal, but, of course, it will never be agreed upon. The Liberals aren’t really interested in helping foreign workers, they only want their votes. To allow them to work indefinately without giving them the right to vote isn’t a solution that advances the ambitions of the Democratic party – so it will never get accepted.

Civic-nationalism is the attempt at forming political unity across racial and religious boundaries – according to Genesis chapter 11 it is an ideology that is doomed to fail.

The last 2,000 years have introduced to all races of mankind the true knowledge of God by Jesus Christ – thereby upsetting the old cultural religious glue that held people together. The challenge to command all nations to follow the teachings of Christ has been warped into a false religion of ethnic pluralism – as if Christ came to destroy the distinctions between races – repeating under a new “christian” guise the old folly God long ago destroyed at the tower of Babel (Genesis chapter 11).

Modern technology and long-distance travel has confronted mankind with his inability to ignore the race  issue. Men are presently seeking to re-establish a Babylon of mixed-race civic nationalism rather than obey God’s way of recognizing nations as the extended families descended from common ancestors.



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