Efrem Zimbalist audio is a fake KJV (the Webster Version)

WARNING: In the 1980’s actor Efrem Zimbalist Jr joined the Televangelism bandwagon and put out a New Testament audio recording that has been falsely labelled as “KJV” – but it is nothing of the kind! It is actually a mix of various odd-ball versions that resemble Webster’s and Murdock’s and the New Scofield revision along with additional changes that don’t seem to line up with any known version – Zimbalist was apparently free-wheeling it as he went along!

One of the main versions he quotes comes from Noah Webster, a quasi-founding father of the USA. He’s the bozo of Webster’s Dictionary fame who single handedly ruined how Americans spell words. His pontificating didn’t end with language, he also satanically presumed to re-write the King James Bible. As a do-gooder he launched secular education where mention of God was avoided – a misjudgment that eventually lead to our total godlessness and nihilism, and equally disastrous, he launched the abolition movement in New England that lead eventually led to the Civil War and afterwards to total Federal control, the annihilation of personal liberty, and creation of the welfare state through the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.

“one sinner destroyeth much good” Ecclesiastes 9:18


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