Photographer Jill Greenberg laughs at Sandy Hook “conspiracy theorist”

Jill Greenberg is that sicko photographer who likes to terrorize naked little children for ‘art’.

In some cases it was just due to the moms taking off the kid’s shirt. Honestly it is horrible that people think the worst of me. But I have little control over the crazies on the Internet. There is even a conspiracy theorist that thinks my portraits are in some way proof that Sandy Hook was faked. It’s beyond insane.

(“An Interview with Photographer …”)

When these people go out of their way to mock the ‘conspiracy theorists’ it reminds me of Obama mocking his fake birth certificate, Alex Jones mocking the fact that he’s Bill Hicks, Hillary Clinton mocking pizzagate, etc. The perps revel in what they get away with.

Here’s the interesting ‘conspiracy theory’ she is referring to:



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