Keto Diet – fasting kills cancer

Update 6/8/2017: A few weeks after starting this diet I’ve already lost 15+ pounds (25% of my goal) and feel great. No hunger problems, not weak or faint. Carb restriction with meal-delay really works. Avoiding sugar-carbs is not too hard (fibre-carbs in veggies are allowed). Difficult part is meal planning to get enough fat calories while not over-eating protein.

The Atkins’ diet redux – the fad has returned in a new and improved version. I’m not sure what the name of it is and can’t quite figure out the details – it’s all rather confusing.

(I think) It goes something like this:

A. Main Eating Plan

(1) You get your body into the “ketosis” stage where it starts burning fat instead of sugar/carbs.  Evidently the way to get to this stage is by not eating for 3 whole days. That’s difficult to do, but the advocates of this diet claim that fasting every once in a while is actually immensely beneficial. If you don’t want to fast, there is a guy who claims you can use a short-cut method: eat avocados and salads for 5 days and you will to enter ketosis without the pain of fasting.

(2) Once you get into the ketosis stage you remain in it by restricting your daily carbohydrate intake to a very low level. That’s like the Atkins diet, however this diet is different in that you do not eat unlimited amounts of protein/meat. Instead what you do is eat a good amount of protein, but not too much. You also complement the meat/protein with lots of greens and vegetables. Apparently the inventors of this diet have figured out (if I understood the explanations correctly) that the fibre-carbs in veggies have little effect. Compared to the old Atkins diet, in this one you are not over-eating meat, and you are getting more of the vitamins and minerals you need from the greens.

(3) You make up the difference in necessary daily calories by adding a a good amount of fat to the diet. This is the biggest difference from Atkins – you are lowering the proteins and increasing the fat, while in total not exceeding your daily calorie needs.

That daily “ketosis” eating plan is the first part of the diet. There are three other things besides:

B. Additional Features.

(1)  Intermittent fasting: Instead of snacking you eat food only at meal time, and you stretch out the number of hours between those meals to create a long period of daily “fasting.” For example, if you only eat at 11 AM and 5PM you will be “fasting” for 18 hours a day. Apparently this fast reduces the effect of insulin spikes that occur in response to food so that the “ketosis” fat-burning and the body’s human growth hormone are only temporarily blocked by the insulin and then resume all day long.

(2) Weekend Carbs: Eat the “ketosis” meal plan 5 or 6 days a week, but then enjoy take a day off to enjoy bread and pasta.  Apparently this is similar to the concept behind intermittent fasting, that you can afford to binge on one big carb induced insulin spike per week without ruining the fat-burning ketosis for the rest of the week.

(3) Randomness: The idea behind this is that an unchanging eating pattern is an unnatural modern luxury. Our ancestors would spent more periods varying between feast and famine. I suppose this means that the plan is flexible – and they encourage doing brief water-only fasts for the health benefits.

There are many intelligent doctors behind this: Mercola, Berg, Crall, Bergman, Phinney, Perlmutter, Axe, Schmidt, etc.

Search “ketosis” videos for more information.

Article on cancer-killing properties of this diet:


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