Alex Jones (Bill Hicks) lies about more photos

This is what Bill Hicks looked like at around 19 years of age about when he started doing stand up comedy:

And this, according to what Alex Jones recently tweeted , are allegedly pictures taken of him at 19 years of age:

Clearly Jones was NOT 19 years old in these photos – he was actually 32.

Look at them side-by-side:

Which one is 19? Clearly its the same person – photos are taken about 13 years apart.

Alex Jones is what Bill Hicks looks like after some radical face surgery. Bill was born with a lumpy face that made him look older and gave a plastic quality that could really alter his look depending on his facial expression and weight. In some photos Hicks’ face looks perfectly normal, but in others he looks strangely bulbous and almost like a mongoloid.

Other people with faces like that include Tony Blair and Renee Zellweger. Her strange face would look beautiful one moment and suddenly change into something hideous the next:

Apparently Renee Zellweger got tired of being mocked and eventually decided to have her lumpy face changed through plastic surgery.  She changed her signature deep-set eyes to wide-open and lowered her arching eyebrows to a flat line – and thus became totally unrecognisable:

She might as well change her name – she looks like a completely different person. They went too far and ruined her career. She now looks like just any other generic “pretty face” and lost that unique character that had become famous.

That’s what they intentionally set out to do to Bill Hicks – and they had a lot of possibility for a totally new look because his face was so lumpy and pasty to being with. By tightening it up and reshaping – especially the eyes – they made “Alex Jones” not only look somewhat younger but also like an entirely different person.

But this isn’t a simple re-branding of a washed-up celebrity, Jones/Hicks added to their deception the addition of fake childhood photos ala Sandy Hook style – showing us that his charade is part of a deep-state strategy to deceive patriotic Americans by pretending to be one of us.



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