Steve Pieczenik wants us to trust Alex Jones even if he is Bill Hicks

All the media is slyly reporting that Alex Jones has admitted in court being a “character” and it seems like Bill Hick’s 20 year charade is about to end at any moment. As those dark clouds gather, in steps Dr Steve Pieczenick in a recent video to declare that it doesn’t matter whether Alex Jones really is Bill Hicks or not because, regardless, Jones has always told us the truth and never lied to us. Dr Pieczenik explains his loyalty to Jones bywriting in his blog that “No one else would listen to me but he did.” Pieczenik is calling Jones an “American Hero” – probably a play on the name of the Bill Hicks film.

“he still might”

Dr Pieczenik is repaying a favour by supporting Jones, but he’s not correct.

Jones/Hicks conspiratainment comic show has acted as a limited hang-out. He has hogged attention and used antics to blow-off steam so patriots have a vicarious catharsis without actually doing anything useful. He seeks to become the poster boy for urgent issues and then he acts so ridiculous that everything he advocated becomes embarrassing to mention in polite company. He viciously mocked and poured contempt on all those researchers that exposed media hoaxes behind false-flag attacks (“no planners” etc). This way he delayed for years much of our eventual understanding of how the government teams up with the media to do hoaxes using crisis actors and computer graphics. Jones is doing a brilliant job capturing patriots in his daily sensationalizing so that things that deserve long attention in order to solve and deal with effectively, are passed over as stale because they quickly become “old news” and are discarded in the wake of the latest happening. And at critical times he injects himself into viral exposures to pours cold water on them, such as defusing Obama’s fake birth certificate, and calling Pizzagate “a distraction”.

Bill “Alex Jones” Hicks himself used photo-fakery to put out a series of phoney childhood photos portraying himself as a young blue-eyed blond-haired boy. His fakes kid pictures are EXACTLY the sort of thing they did for Sandy Hook. Jones and the bad guys apparently use the same photoshop graphic artists!

Dr Pieczenik’s video ends with a nonsense sentence that seems like he was about to offer some excuses for why Jones/Hicks refused to acknowledge the fakery of Sandy Hook – but then his words just trailed off. What could Steve possibly say to defend Jones/Hicks who declared adamantly “kids really died!” ??

Hicks had been a comedian associated with Hollywood-media types and as “Jones” he continues to be surround by them – what has changed?

It’s not clear if Dr Pieczenik can speak freely on Infowars because Jones/Hicks will constantly interrupt him and change the topic whenever Steve mentions Mossad, Jesuits, or Media Hoaxes. Pieczenik puts up with this patiently because it’s the price that must be paid in order to sneak in a few truth-bombs to the Infowars audience. But his telling us to trust Hicks/Jones is irresponsible.

4 Comments on “Steve Pieczenik wants us to trust Alex Jones even if he is Bill Hicks”

  1. PS says:

    There’s another frequent guest on Infowars that I wonder about: Joel Skousen. He, like AJ, doesn’t believe in hoaxes, only “false flags”. Terror events are always accepted as real, but with a limited hangout, such as a “second shooter” at Sandy Hook, or “mind controlled” killers etc.
    Now I find it hard to believe he’s “one of them”. Could it be he’s just been drawn too close to the AJ/Infowars orbit to see the truth? Could it be he’s afraid of crossing into “hoax territory” for fear of losing the support of Infowars?


    • MackQuigley says:

      Joel Skouson is in the Mormon cult – they don’t have a problem “lying for the Lord” to fool non-believers. Crisis-actor Robbie Parker was Mormon, and so was that guy Mason Wells who keeps showing up at various hoaxes. The corrupt FBI is full of Mormons – like chief James Comey, and like Joel’s late uncle Coel Skouson. Easy to get them to do unethical things because its a freemasonic like cult where the low ranking members are required to follow orders from higher LDS members at the church — and they have super odd-ball and idolatrous America-worship doctrines.


  2. David Koski says:

    Regardless if the Alex Jones = Bill Hicks conspiracy is true or not, (I think it is), Kevin Booth is most discernibly a worthless cowardly puke. He lacks integrity and definitely has sold his soul. Focusing on him is where we may need to investigate. I hope that piece of garbage reads this.


  3. Curious says:

    Did anyone ever find an actual physical yearbook from “Alex Jones” Anderson High School? Anyone claim the $20,000.00 reward?

    Hick’s last performance date in numbers breaks down to “22” – the Master Builder number…



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