BEWARE home remedies for scabies !!

Scabies are microscopic body lice that burrow into human skin causing both bites and severe itching – particularly at night. These insects also cause an allergic reaction that triggers skin tenderness and an hive-like rash and welts that mimic other skin disorders, like shingles.

Most rashes go away by themselves, but not scabies: the infestation of body lice will continue to worsen for a long time, hence its nickname, the seven-year-itch.

BEWARE! Many internet sites irresponsibly hawk a lot of “holistic remedies” and “natural treatments” to cure scabies.  Be-forewarned, these gimmicky over-the-counter solutions do not work!

  • aloe vera
  • anise seed oil
  • balsam
  • bleach
  • calamine lotion
  • camphor
  • cayenne pepper
  • clove oil
  • coconut oil
  • colloidal metals
  • evening primrose oil
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • karanja
  • lavender oil
  • menthol
  • nail polish
  • neem oil/leaves
  • rosemary oil
  • rubbing alcohol
  • sulphur soap
  • tea tree oil
  • tiger balm
  • turmeric
  • vinegar
  • zinc

Some of these remedies are based on old wives tales and others from anecdotal articles appearing in obscure “research” journals that claim instances when some of these substances may have worked. Such claims are unreliable and very easily faked by wholesalers to boost the market demand for their products.

After many weeks of itchy pain, I finally figured out that my rash was caused by scabies, and then I wasted another entire week attempting to cure it with these worthless home remedies – it was a pathetic situation.

Learn from my mistake: Don’t mess around with scabies, it is a serious insect infestation in your skin and it requires serious treatment with real proven insecticides.

If you don’t want to go visit a doctor to obtain a prescription, you can inexpensively get the very safe and mild insecticide called “permethrin” over-the-counter at any pet store in the form of a flea and tick treatment for dogs. (Double-check that any other listed active ingredients are also safe for humans. Also, note that permethrin will kill cats so beware touching a cat after treatment.)

Simply mix the ointment with a lotion to dilute it down to 10% strength and then apply it to your entire body. You’ll begin to experience immediate huge relief as most of the lice die off right away.

Repeat the application all over 3 or 4 days later and really rub it into any remaining red spots to kill the remaining larva and eggs under the skin. That ended the night time itching for me.

Vacuum your house and car and heat your regular clothes and bedding on “high” in the dryer for at least 30 min to kill any lice remaining in them. You don’t need to disinfect everything because body-lice naturally die after going 3-days without a human host (however some females lice – the most dangerous kind – have been found to live longer outside the body in places that are very moist and cool.)

Additional treatments of insecticide ointment might be necessary in another week or two to kill any straggler lice that emerge later.

Here is an online cure-yourself scabies guide that I found very useful:

He includes advice on obtaining ivermectin, a mild oral insecticide that is used to treat horses and is also very safe for humans. I ordered that (the apple flavour wasn’t so bad) and got some 25% Benzyle Benzoate lotion for follow up treatments.

Don’t play games with your health: serious problems require serious solutions!

= = =

DISCLAIMER: This blog-post recounts personal experiences that may not apply to others. The information does not come from a licensed physician, has not been approved by the government, and does not constitute medical advice, or instructions to cure any disease. For “authentic” medical advice talk to your doctor.

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