Alec Baldwin versus Alex Jones (Bill Hicks!)

Do these men look sixteen years apart to you?

Celebrity Alec Baldwin was born April 3, 1958 and in few days will turn 59 years old. Alex Jones of Infowars was allegedly born on February 11, 1974 and so is only 43 years old. Why do they look the same age ??

The “late” Bill Hicks, Alex Jones’ comic predecessor at Sacred Cow Productions, was born December 16, 1961 and would presently be 56 years old. Bill Hicks would only be 3.75 years younger than Alex Baldwin.

What’s the obvious explanation for this age discrepancy?

Obviously the “Alex Jones” person is massively lying about his true age – he is actually Bill Hicks who was born in 1961.

Proof here: Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks!


2 Comments on “Alec Baldwin versus Alex Jones (Bill Hicks!)”

  1. matt says:

    Alex Jones looks like he is about 55 y/o…must be the chemtrails lol


  2. MackQuigley says:

    Update: anonymous comment that tried to support the “Alex Jones got replaced” disinfo was deleted. This “replacement” theory is the back-up plan to avoid answering questions about why fake childhood photos of the fake “Alex Jones” were invented. Bill Hicks had these phoney pictures created to make his new identity as “Alex Jones” seem more legitimate. The fact that he did so puts his deception in the same category as photo-fakery of 9/11 and Sandy Hook and all the other media frauds.

    The liars have already poisoned the entire internet with their lying disinformation, I don’t feel obliged to let them add anonymous “trust me, I knew Alex Jones when he was a kid” comments here that they can’t back up. If any of them truly want to prove that the fake “Alex Jones” character existed as a child, let them bring forth real tangible evidence that can be authenticated and I’ll be happy to let them post that for examination and debunking. They haven’t and they wont because “Alex Jones” is Bill Hick’s faked character.

    Exposure of these fake childhood photos is crucial to connecting Jones/Hicks to the same fraudsters as are responsible for all the other media fakery because he uses their same tactics.

    My original reply:

    You’re a pathetic liar.

    I should delete your comment entirely since you offer no proof, won’t give your name, and yet for reasons unexplained are suddenly desperate to make unsupported
    anonymous “trust me” claims that Bill Hick’s fake “Alex Jones” backstory is true.

    Your fake narrative won’t fool anybody into thinking “Alex Jones” was born in 1974 and is only 43 years old.
    lying age

    What it will do is show that a mysterious internet protection squad still actively seeks to prevent the exposure of Alex Jones’ fake identity. This on-going effort to protect fakery with more lies shows that Hicks/Jones is not a Christian or working for the good guys.

    If “Alex Jones” is a religious man, then why is he swapping prostitutes with AIDS ridden crackhead Charlie Sheen?
    Hooker Amanda Bruce

    His use of photoshoped pictures with the fake “Alex Jones” kid clearly put Hicks/Jones in the same camp as Sandy Hook hoaxers and other lying mainstream media fakery. That obviously means Hicks/Jones is CIA or some other form of bad guy.

    mackquigley [*] protonmail com


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