Oroville situation looks VERY dangerous

UPDATE: I was right, while the blind stupid ignorant evil state government morons were telling the public all was safe, they have now suddenly realized the danger and ordered an emergency evacuation because total failure is imminent. It’s a parable on the entire state’s demise.


The wrath of God against the godless state of California continues … Friday the state’s hapless water officials – (who still claim they are in the middle of a drought!) – said the emergency weir release on Oroville dam wasn’t going to be necessary – yet they were proved wrong on Saturday morning when the swollen water behind the dam suddenly began to gush over the embankment for the first time ever:

spillwayThe dam’s normal spillway chute is out of operation because of a giant hole that formed when the concrete failed and water flowed out and began eroding away the hillside:

spillway2That gapping spillway hole is enough to prove that this dam was not well-built and that calls into question the quality of the remainder of the work.

As the overflowing water flowed down the broken spillway it carved out huge amounts of dirt – potentially weakening the hillside itself:

errosionNotice the newly exposed red-brown dirt on the far side of the spillway – all washed away because of the torrent of water that was shooting down.

The regular spillway is too close to the dam structure itself – they had to stop using it because continued erosion might affect the dam’s integrity and lead to a catastrophe.

The problem is that water now is going out of the uncontrolled emergency spillway – and it has no concrete basin to flow down – the water runs over the side of the dam and then down straight into the hillside’s dirt!


This means the dirt on that hillside will turn to mud and run down – potentially undermining the emergency weir – and that could lead to an uncontrolled outflow disaster.

The arch shaped concrete Oroville dam – which is 6 feet thick at the top and 41 feet thick at the base – looks secure: but the emergency spillway area looks like a giant earthen levee – and they are prone to failure whenever they become over-topped with water flowing down the side.

The moronic state employees are constantly lying to the public about everything, consequently it is impossible to trust them to report the truth about this seeming potential danger.

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