Time for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to go

Congratulations on Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court – the guy is contentiousness, top-notch, and impeccable.

Thankfully Trump passed over Pryor from Alabama – a hypocrit who prosecuted Judge Roy Moore and who has been trying to make fast friends lately with the faggot community. The alternative, Hardiman, seems a bit of screwball also – volunteers to help illegal aliens, and his wife is related to a whole boatload of corrupt sleazy politicians.

ginsburgsnooze1After Gorsuch gets in Trump next needs to work on getting rid of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ginsburg falls asleep all the time while on the bench during oral argument. Not just a little nodding off – but several incidents reported of her literally falling sound asleep for 15 minutes or so – repeatedly!

She has also fallen asleep publicly while attending three televised congressional sessions, making a total fool out of herself in front of the entire nation. She tried to excuse her falling asleep one time on being drunk on wine – which is even worse! A drunk old judge that falls asleep on the job and makes of fool of herself at public events – what a disgrace!

She also unethically speaks out publicly about future cases, so she ought to recuse herself from hearing them – but hasn’t said she would. She has also ethically disqualified herself from ever hearing a case involving President Trump’s administration because she has vilified President Trump with obnoxious insults. She even said she would leave the country if he got elected but unfortunately she so far hasn’t.

Witchy will be 84 in March and it’s high time the old hag gets shoved off the bench in disgrace. Trump could ask Roberts to force her to undergo mental evaluations, not that that’s really necessary – we already know she’s demented.

Trump could just say he is compelled by the woman’s mental deterioration and unethical situation that requires her to recuse herself from too many potential cases, to appoint an extra judge to the Supreme Court.

The 10th justice would serve as a full justice and after Ginsburg retires or dies the total number would return to nine again.

Since there is nothing in the Constitution that fixes the number of justices, Trump could appoint as many as he wants, as long as he gets Senate approval. There is a congressional law that set the number of judges to nine – but this law is really not Constitutional because the House of Representatives isn’t empowered under the Constitution with authority to control this matter. The law is void because the Senate alone has the right to limit the number by refusing to give its consent to the President’s appointment.

So as long as the Senate agrees that an extra judge needs to serve to balance out crazy Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there is nothing to stop Trump from adding an extra judge to the high court.

After this current appointment is secure, Trump should threaten to add another one if Ginsburg doesn’t immediately step down. She will protest and make a fool of herself, and when challenged to undergo a rigorous mental examination, she will throw a predictable hissy fit and refuse. She will look like an idiot and politically Trump can then just go ahead and do it.

One Comment on “Time for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to go”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I cannot wait until this old flaming leftist libtard takes the dirt nap. I just hope she is called away very, very soon, as in minutes! She is the epitome of bias disgrace!!!



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