Turkey’s Russian Ambassador Shooting Hoax

c_2_fotogallery_3007415_0_imageSeveral things suggest it was a fake shooting.

  • No sound of shell casings dropping,
  • Last shot shows gun pointed down when camera zooms out
  • Shooter’s finger is not on the trigger
  • Ambassador’s shirt blew-out without blood
  • Victim’s instantaneous death, motionless
  • Dead terrorist’s face different – has 5 o’clock shadow
  • Photographers not in position to take the photos seen
  • Assassin didn’t reload
  • Camera angles suspect, important details not shown
  • No body blood, tiny pool under head
  • Many ‘too good to be true’ perfect photos released
  • No sound of all the photos being snapped
  • Photos cropped differently, colours, and processing differently
  • Shooter’s demeanour and yelling seem inauthentic
  • Gallery is filled with ceiling security cameras, yet no footage released.


Fake news is not just a US phenomenon.


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