Update 2016: Who is sitting in European Union Seat #666 ??

2017 Update:

Dr Skrlec from Croatia must really like seat #666 in Brussels because he keeps getting it year after year.

The other 666 is Fulvio Martusciello a right-winger from Italy. He is chairman of the EU’s delegation for relations with Israel. Allegations of his ties with the powerful Casalesi mafia have been dismissed as false.

The EU has recently added an interactive online seating chart so we can quickly find who is sitting at seats #666.

Link Brussels seating

Link Strasburg seating

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EU Brussel’s seat #666 continues once again to be occupied by the diminutive Davor Skrlec, a former university professor from Croatia. He is one of those idiots welcoming the Moslem refugee invasion.

Same can be said for the EU Srausburg’s seat #666 new occupant, Roberta METSOLA.

666-metsola-maltaDr Metsola is from the island of Malta, a former UK colony. She is a pretty face, but not much else. Her treasonous pro-refugee positions are making many people hate her, earning for herself a very poor reputation.

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