Idiot cop in UK thinks Chick tracts are a “hate crime”

It's now illegal for Christians in the UK to tell the truth about Mohamhead

The offending cartoon. It’s now illegal for Christians in the UK to tell the truth about Mo-ham-head.

The “Birmingham Mail” quotes a police officer who alleges that Christian evangelistic literature against Islam is illegal:

Insp Will O’Connor, neighbourhood policing inspector, said: “We have received complaints about leaflets delivered to several addresses in the north Aston area.

“We believe dozens of homes received these leaflets on Monday.

“The act has been recorded as a racially aggravated offence, namely distributing material intended to incite racial hatred.

“These have been seized and we have also secured some CCTV covering the area which will be examined in the hope it will show who is responsible.

“West Midlands Police will not tolerate hate crime.

“We always take matters such as this seriously and offenders can expect to be hauled before the courts.”

The paper’s article irresponsibly has several “read more” links that outrageously suggest that the distribution of these tracts had something to do with an Islamic butchershop that got burned down.

Here is the police inspector who feels free to issue threats against Christian missionaries:


O’Connor (email: ) is a blithering idiot.

What race is Islam? Of course, we know that the UK has let in all sorts of godless immigrants from Pakistan who promote the hellish religion of Islam, and these people don’t fit in and should all be expelled, but that’s entirely beside the point. The pamphlets are about Islam the religion and explain why the religion is from the pit of hell. Supposedly there is freedom in the UK to practice the Christian religion – in fact, allegedly, the country is a Christian country. This O’Connor turd is calling it “racist” to preach Christianity.

This same police officer spewed equal outrage and threats to criminalize free speech in order to protect against anonymous fliers that alleged certain men in his town were suspected pedophiles. The cop said these men were “completely innocent” – but how does he know that? The cop said they were “never convicted” – but that doesn’t mean the poster is a crime – it just says they were “known peadophiles” not that they had been convicted. How is it a criminal matter to attempt to warn people about child molesters?


The UK has some serious problems with utterly corrupt and incompetent police departments filled with Masonic child molesters. It’s apparently a vice that has taken hold of even the very top levels of their government – including the royal family, parliament, judges, clergy, and politicians. Attempts to expose these wicked people are repeatedly blocked by the police.

One can surmise that the only plausible reason why anybody would put such a blithering idiot like this vile bastard Will O’Connor into a position of power where he is left free to attack and threaten Christians is because he’s a part of this systemic evil problem of abuse, corruption, and cover-up.

Inspector Will O’Connor is a crook who is illegally using his position in the Birmingham (UK) police department to intimidate the public by threatening normal people with arrest and criminal prosecution for daring to practice free speech and evangelizing. O’Connor is an utterly disgusting fool and should be put behind bars for a very long time for repeatedly abusing his office in this manner.


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