How to remove Daily Mail’s column of sleaze

The Daily Mail is a rather idiotic newspaper but it does seem to have scoops on a lot of news – often posted hours before the American papers (which is rather strange, isn’t it??). It would be better never to read the stupid site at all – there are so many better things to do than read the news. Yet if you do visit it, unfortunately it also pushes side adverts that are risqué and perverted – the so-called “column of sleaze” – a miserable distraction to avoid.

Here’s a primer on how to delete them all:

Step 1

Download and install Adblock Plus on your browser. It’s 100% free but accepts donations.

[UPDATE: The Adblock Plus was threatened with litigation by advertisers and is no longer being helpful at blocking all ads. Their program still works but not as well. I recommend you download and install “ublock origin” (not “ublock”) by developer Raymond Hill instead! once you turn on advanced features you will be able to use its zapper to get rid of unwanted sections on webpages.]

Step 2

Upgrade Adblock by installing the Adblock Element Hiding feature – also free.

Step 3

Open “filter preferences” page and uncheck the box that says “allow some non-intrusive advertising”

Step 4

Subscribe to a pre-made filter list such as “Easy List” (you will be glad you did, this blocks tons of ads).

Step 5

Go to ‘Custom Filters’ tab then and add filters one at a time as follows:

(Adblock rules)

(Element hiding rules)

= = =

Done ! no more distracting side column adverts.

However, if the Daily Mail ever changes their format and renames these sleazy elements then the ad-blocking will have to be edited again. By using “inspect element” you can find the new names and re-block them if need be.


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