Disinfo claim that ‘real’ Alex Jones was replaced

disinfo nutzoThe “Irrefutable Proof Alex Jones is Bill Hicksvideo is the work of a couple of spaced-out wackos who claim they are channelling spirit-messages – and they assert the bogus claim (which apparently originated with “Russianvids“) – that there was a real Alex Jones at one time, but he inexplicably got replaced by ‘agent’ Bill Hicks in 1997.

Disinformation claims there were 2 Alex Joneses in 1997.

Disinformation makes false claim a ‘real’ Alex Jones was replaced.

This clever disinformation tactic is designed to bolster the legitimacy of the Alex Jones by removing from discussion the most damning evidence against him: his non-existent and faked childhood.

If Bill Hicks in 1997 replaced an alleged real Alex Jones who was born in 1974 – then inquiry into the life of Jones before 1997 is irrelevant. That is a very convenient diversion. However, there is no such Alex Jones born in 1974 – and when Infowars’ attempted to manufacture such a child, and they failed miserably.

Alex Jones is a failed comedian.

Alex Jones is the encore performance of failed comedian Bill Hicks.

If they can get people to simply ignore the childhood issue – by claiming a “real” Alex Jones existed before he was replaced – they have eliminated the thorny issue of dealing with Jones’ fictitious childhood.

The graphic artist probably used to create a series of faked childhood photoshops depicting the fictitious childhood of “Alex Jones” was Michael McWhirter since they all seem to originate from his Flckr account (Areocitizen).

But McWhirter/Infowars made some serious mistakes faking up the childhood of “Alex Jones” – such as misspelling “Emerick” on the birth registry, putting out kid photos with both blue eyes and hazel eyes, inserting too many inside jokes, making fake school yearbook photos, and botching up other photoshops.

The goofy ‘Jones replacement theory’ pushed by the fake truthers is meant to hide the non-existent childhood of Jones and to cover-up all the embarrassing photoshop errors.

The fact that Infowars, Texas Monthly, the Onion, and Mark Dice have themselves all linked to the “Irrefutable Proof” video is proof enough that it was created as disinformation. It is a tainted effort at exposing the Bill Hicks/Alex Jones fraud by a couple of obviously deranged wackos. Undoubtedly the bad guys hope that it is crazy enough to discredit the truth in the eyes of many people, buying Hicks/Jones more time to continue his charade.


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