We’ve already seen how “Alex Jones,” who is really the comedian Bill Hicks, has ties through Dr Frank Gannon to Richard Nixon and the Bohemian Grove set, but he has other unsettling satanic/occultic associations as well.

Jones’ connections to the vile Joe Rogan and satanic Duncan Trusell have already come to light (“I met Alex Jones and I can confirm that he is Bill Hicks“), but the connections go deeper.

Alex Jones’ fake kid photos appear in a flickr album owned by ‘Aerocitizen‘ who is probably Michael McWhirter, a professional visual artist/computer graphics expert. McWhirter lives in Austin and has done the video graphics for most of Alex Jones’ major major films, such as Endgame, Terrorstorm, Obama deception, etc.

[Update: the flickr account “aerocitizen” appears to contain much of McWhirter’s work but is actually probably owned by Aaron Dykes who has since left Infowars. Dykes under the name “Aero citizen productions” directed “Hero from the Void” at UT.  It starred a boy named Nicky Jones who later worked for Disney. Not related to this there has been a rumour that Angus Jones from Austin who was on Charlie Sheen’s TV series is secretely Alex Jones’ son:

rumour-jones-hicksNo real proof of this rumour exists -so it remains unconfirmed.]

Michael McWhirter is a big fan of ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming‘ – a method of manipulating others (or yourself) through hypnosis, mind-control, the power of suggestion, and other forms of mental sorcery. Here’s McWhirter’s profile at the Austin NLP meet up:

This same McWhirter also does the visual graphics for the movies made by Antero Alli, a secretive new-ager who was affiliated with Timothy Leary of LSD fame. Antero Alli is into occultic astrology, paranormal drama, mind-science theories, and he is also a featured author at the Maybe Logic Quarterly.

It was that same Maybe Logic magazine that interviewed Kevin Booth in a telling article about Bill Hicks’ alleged death and the advent of Alex Jones. In that interview (since scrubbed) Kevin Booth says that Bill Hicks met Alex Jones ‘staring at a star map.’

In this video interview (at 9:00+) Antero Alli discusses his film-making collaboration with Michael McWhirty:

Antero then mentions his close friendship for many years with Robert Anton Wilson, the author of ‘Promethus Rising‘ – a new age book that was recently made into a feature film.

[CORRECTION: As pointed out in the comments below, the sci-fi film “Prometheus” was not directly based on the new-age self-help book “Promethus Rising.” This correction doesn’t undermine the point that AJ/BH is ensconced with many seedy characters with very strange belief systems.]

Alex Jones got advance copies of the film and he heavily promoted it on his show as an alleged accurate ‘inside view’ on the theology of the elite.

Robert Anton Wilson was also the author of the book trilogyIllumitusIlluminatus — which Steve Jackson turned into the famous “Illuminati Card Game.Steve Jackson Games is also based in Austin Texas. [ed: corrections]

Alex Jones true belief system is not Christian, it’s “Left-wing Libertarian” — but you can recognize from their de-facto motto, “Do as thou wilt,” that that it is just a polite name for Satanism.

Of course, all the wacky Satanists (Alestair Crowley, Anton Levey, Ann Rand, Karl Marx, Sammy Davis Jr [lol!], etc) are not in perfect accord over how their atheistic philosophy ought to be carried out, but the gist of their teachings is that wisdom is the high ideal, death is not real, and man is a god – potentially.

Those are the very same three lies the serpent told Eve in the garden:

“And the serpent said unto the woman,
Ye shall not surely die:
For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof,
then your eyes shall be opened,
and ye shall be as gods,
knowing good and evil.”

Genesis 3:4-5.


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