Are Infowars Ex-employees Living in Fear of Bill Hicks ??

Alex Jones is the comedian formerly known as "Bill Hicks"

It’s not clear whether these ex-employees quit, or were terminated, or if their departures were staged. Nevertheless, they all indicate that Infowars is a very secretive organization and they discuss their fears that Alex Jones is targeting them for intimidation.

David Ortiz says, “It’s a very secretive operation.” Goes public affirming his commitment to stay quite hoping to stop harassment – but makes veiled threat to say more if he is forced to do so.

Anthony Gucciardi left in a cloud of controversy and now runs a site called ‘Story Leak.”  Allegedly Gucciardi was observed  dancing with a transvestite in a sodomite bar and threatened Infowars staff present to keep it quiet about it. Secret recordings of him were released portraying Alex Jones as paranoid. He portrays himself as Alex/Bill’s little darling. His big ‘scoop’ was report on missing nuclear bombs stolen by truck from an air force base.

Ex-wrestler Dan Bidoni has also apparently been let go, and now has his own ‘TruthRadioShow” for discussing fringe issues like UFO’s.

One of the people ‘exposing’ Alex Jones is a guy named Pete Santilli, yet he himself may be an FBI informant, or else was allegedly framed to look like one (?).

It seems rather hypocritical that “Free Speech” infowars has an iron-clad confidentiality agreement with its employees – and it is down-right sinister that their former employees are made to feel afraid for their lives by harassment. Aaron Dykes has apparently come to suspect that the possibility exists that his father was murdered by Alex Jones’ organization. They actually compare Infowars to the mafia and are looking to flee from Austin Texas.

Infowars’ current employees will hear about all this harassment and probably be afraid to speak out about what is really happening, even if it is in the public’s interest that whistle-blowers come forward to expose Bill Hicks/Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is indeed the comedian formerly known as Bill Hicks.  Those currently working for Bill “Alex Jones” Hicks should consider escaping from him now … while they still have the chance.


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