How to Block the Daily Mail’s Column of Sleaze


Although it is only a UK paper, the Daily Mail has a huge world readership due to its inexplicably constant and instant coverage of sensational news stories from the United States.

But if you’ve ever followed a link to one of its stories you will quickly notice a barrage of sleazy pictures in its right-hand column. To make an occasion for lust seem like a ‘news’ event, the Daily Mail adds inventive captions for their racy photos of voluptuous nearly-naked women “reporting” that they were caught “showing off” this or that – or caught “failing to hide” this or that. Hugely meaningful “news” questions are added: Has she “gained weight”? Has she “lost weight”? Is she “showing their age”? Blah blah blah. It’s all a bunch of sordid nonsense.

Because the Daily Mail is generally conservative, its rival left wing papers have derided this hypocritical click-generating gimmick as the “Sidebar of Shame.

Well the following is a method for getting rid of this problem.

First, if you haven’t done so already, switch to “Firefox” internet browser. Then the add-on you need to install is called Adblock Plus. It is an excellent feature that will automatically eliminate a huge amount of unpleasant advertising.

You can also use Adblock Plus’s custom feature to block unwanted images. It is easy to block images one at a time, or else block all images from a site, but you will have to customize it correctly to just eliminate the photos in the Daily Mail’s sidebar of shame.


Notice in this example the sidebar image is located at:”

We want to block these small sidebar images without blocking full-size images on the articles. The file names given to these smaller images ends in its dimensions – in this case with “… 154×115.jpg”. Based on that pattern we can block the sidebar pictures using the Adblock filter.

Go to “Tools” -> “Adblock Plus” -> “Filter preferences” -> “Add filter” -> then add this filter:


That should do the job to eliminate the teaser pictures. [See update below for an alternative]

But the teasing text is still visible. As you can see above they call that element “pufftext”. To eliminate all of it also just add another filter:


With those two rules enabled this is how the page will now look:


All is gone – That’s much more enjoyable!

This ‘hack’ has worked for several years now to eliminate all the raunchy sidebar pictures and text. If the Daily Mail in the future changes the sidebar picture locations or element names then just adjust the filter to match those changes.

= = =

UPDATE: I found you can replace the photo filter with two different filters, “” and “” – those two and “” eliminate the column entirely without having any photos blocked on the front pages.


5 Comments on “How to Block the Daily Mail’s Column of Sleaze”

  1. JM says:

    Thanks for supplying this info. I don’t declare myself to be a feminist but the daily mail site is just disgusting. A helpful tip for those blocking their trashy sidebar:

    I was having trouble adding filters until I right clicked one of their sidebar images and scrolled down to “Adblock Plus:block image” and inserted my filters that way.

    Also I found that using all the great options you’ve given plus “*.jpg” did the trick.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You sir, are a genius! Thanks!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Take daily mail app of my facebook


  4. Elliot says:

    Why go to at all then Mr. Uptight?


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