Church “Self-Esteem” Classes

It’s back!

Demoralized, run-down, joyless Christians are popping “anti-depresants” and attending  “self-esteem” classes once again to get from the world of psychology and neuropsychiatrics the “happiness” that they aren’t getting from the the Bible or the Holy Ghost … are Christians that stupid!? Worldly junk isn’t helping the world out — why would idiot Christians turn from God’s word to embrace the crap of the world?

Good research in this area was done by Dave Hunt in the 1980’s and 1990’s — and he alerted many people to the satanic occult dangers in psychology and why it has no business in the church.

But the sneaky “Christian psychology” folks went underground for awhile, and re-emerged with “emerging Christianity” and “contemplative prayer” and so forth … things that also got shut-down as the wolves in the flock were exposed.

But the wolves keep at it – their crafty attack now relabels “self-esteem” counselling as “ending self-hate,” and the discredited “inner healing” has been changed to, “hear God’s healing voice!” It’s the same crap as before – they are just changing the wording slightly to fool the suckers.

Time for a re-fresher course:

Listen to Dave Hunt’s lectures here (mp3 download/player):

(Unfortunately Dave Hunt’s strengthswere in these areas of alerting the church to the new-age invasion in its practices – but he himself never saw the connection between that and the new-age invasion also occurring via modern corrupt bibles which come from the same pit – see Gail Riplinger’s books that expose it because the new-age connections between psycho-bable and modern bibles and the antichrist’s coming one-world religion all run full circle.)

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