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Get paid $200 to commit treason

crisis actors

The ad reads:

We are looking for people male or female who are willing to act out injury simulation for military training for 200.00$$$$$ a day! That’s right easy money!

This is going to be an on going job that will take place from time to time all over the USA so if you like to travel then this is your big chance. We will be working with the military so be respectful!

Reno, NV 89512


Is there a false flag event coming to Reno in July? It’s an ‘on going job’ so apparently they do re-use their crisis actors from event to event. Collect $200 to hoax your fellow Americans so that the Constitution can be destroyed. People should know better – just because it’s a ‘job’ doesn’t mean it isn’t treason.

Here’s another ad:


crisis actors2

So is Massachusetts going to get hit with a false-flag event July 11-13? Probably not because that would be too obvious. They probably run these ‘practice’ events publicly but invite certain crisis actors back for unlisted live drills later.

Here’s a one-legged crisis actor showing off his fakery skills:

crisis actors3

So simulating these fake emergencies for practice drills is really just a pretext for the government to stage false flag terror events. Great way to ‘cry wolf’ so that in a real emergency nobody is prepared or sympathetic.

These people are absolutely despicable.

Timothy McVeigh Doubles?


(Click to enlarge)


While looking into the  alleged death of convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh I wanted to see if there was any evidence of the Feds using a double much like they did after the alleged capture and execution of of Saddam Hussein. The photos of McVeigh certainly seem to all be the same person, although a couple of them are somewhat suspect. The shape of McVeigh’s head is narrow and long – but the top left and top centre look rounder, but not by much. And many of the pictures show that McVeigh’s left eye-brow had a peculiar shape, looking almost like a round spot where it starts near his nose – especially noticeable in the “Mug Shot” photo (top row second from the right). But that trait isn’t seen in some of the other photos – but perhaps he shaved his eyebrow. Another curiosity is that eye colour seems to range from light blue (upper right) to dark brown (lower left). I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the guy on the top right and the guy on the top left look close enough to be brothers, but different enough not be the same person. Of course the same person can have a range of looks, and generally the alignment of all the faces is similar.

Conclusion: It seems like there is nothing to report here, just some vague suspicions. Whether he was switched out or not seems inconclusive based on these photos. But perhaps future researchers will uncover more information to solve the riddle of what really happened to Tim McVeigh.


Right-wingers Fumbling the Impeachment

Illegal alien in the white house.

Illegal alien in the white house.

This Kevin McCullough guy is just typical.

When the President was first elected, I pledged to wait from the day of his election–to his then swearing in–to begin critique of his public policy. I promised to do so because in the day of the first “post racial” President I felt it was a necessary discipline to criticize him on policy, actions, behaviors, and decisions rather than abstract arguments like birth certificates and “the President is a secret Muslim” conspiracies.

There is so much wrong in this first paragraph.

First, let’s hope he meant to say “first swearing in” – because only the catatonic brain dead hadn’t realized O’bummer was a total fraud by his second swearing in – or rather, attempted swearing in since he has managed to flub his lines each time.

But long before Zero got sworn in in January 2009 – everyone already was on notice that he was constitutionally disqualified for office. Alan Keyes brought it up in 2004 and Hillary’s campaign raised it again in April 2008. And it is now widely known that Obama himself is the source of these “rumours” – his own literary agent in 1991 said he was Kenyan born.

This McCullough wants to evade the Constitution on the basis of racial politics. Does he think it is race-baiting to ask a Negro to produce his birth certificate? Are black-skinned people in need of special preferences when it comes to identifying themselves? Is it only an “abstract issue” that our Kenyan usurper was not born on US soil to citizen parents and is therefore disqualified for office because he is not a natural born citizen of the United States?

Notice how he throws out the word “conspiracy” like burning squib hoping to frighten everybody. That worked like a charm a few years back, but it’s a mighty damp squib these days. People have caught on that they are being systematically lied to and manipulated by not one or two conspiracies, but hundreds of them! Real conspiracies are literally everywhere you look these days because crime is alive and well in business, religion, media, and politics. To believe otherwise is to be hopelessly naive.

ZOMBIE OBAMAIt’s true that a crypto-Mohamadian isn’t automatically disqualified for office – but what happened to the voters’ right to know about the character of the candidate? It’s surely an election fraud to tell the voters any false material information about yourself – but that’s all that the One – aka Hussain – ever did!

Turns out that the big “open secret” that the news media didn’t bother to tell anybody about was that our guy Barry was a drug abusing homosexual in Chicago’s communist underground. His work experience was at CIA front companies – and it’s alleged that his supposed education at Columbia and Harvard are entirely fictitious. Is it racism to ask a black skinned person for a copy of his college records when applying for a job? Read the rest of this entry »

Alex Jones’ Mysterious Back-rub Friend

alex jones kevin booth dwight slade bill hicks healthranger mike adams

This is one of the strange ‘childhood photos‘ that was posted by Alex Jones’ team in an attempt to establish that he is not Bill Hicks but has his own life-history. In this photo Alex Jones is giving a back rub to an androgynous person with a flat chest and long grey hair. Of course, it does not prove anything about Alex Jones’ childhood because he appears as an adult here.

But who is the ‘woman’ that he is giving a back-rub to? Her face is very white and as pale as ghost. This contrasts with the rich saturation of colours on Jones’ face. Because of that it is obvious that these two faces were not developed on the same photograph – one has been pasted in via photoshop.

Who is the pale person? Her smile looks like “Healthranger” Mike Adams  from Natural News. The shape of her eyes and top half of her face looks like Kevin Booth. The colour of her eyes skin tone looks like Dwight Slade, long time friend of Bill Hicks and Kevin Booth.

It’s uncertain who this person is suppose to be, but it sure looks like a photoshop composite and another one of the many ‘inside jokes’ indicating that Alex Jones really is Bill Hicks.

= = =



Why did Bill Hicks Become Alex Jones ??

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

Same Person: Alex Jones’ face and Bill Hicks’ face have the same profile.

Many people are coming to realize that “Alex Jones” is really the comedian “Bill Hicks.”

In 1994 Bill Hicks allegedly died, and 2 years later at his same media production company, Sacred Cow Productions, “Alex Jones” shows up as the new star. Alex Jones now becomes best friends and business partner with Kevin Booth, completely stepping into Bill Hicks’ shoes.

Physically they are nearly identical in height and frame. But they also have the very same facial alignment from the front view. But that’s not all – their left and right profiles are also identical. And to prove that they are one and the same person beyond any doubt – they also happen to have identical teeth.

We also have reason to be suspicious of the death of Bill Hicks since he allegedly died of very suddenly of pancreatic cancer at his parents’ home without any prior notice or hospital treatment. At the time he died Hicks was complaining about his floundering career and was trying, unsuccessfully, to start new ventures.

Alex Jones is lying about his age

We also have plenty of reason to be suspicious of Alex Jones true identity since he dies his hair, uses colour contacts, and appears to be at least 10 years older than his stated age.

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South Dakota GOP Leads the Way with Impeachment Resolution

Finally! The South Dakota GOP has put into platform a call for the impeachment of the criminal usurper known as Obama, the world’s most dangerous illegal alien.

What finally did it was Obama’s illegal release of 5 high-level terrorists in an phoney “exchange” for an allegedly captive American soldier – a Moslem convert who was in reality a traitor who renounced his citizenship and deserted his post to join the enemy.

Obama should be immediately impeached – and his idiot Vice President Joe Biden should be impeached right along with Obama for his aiding and abetting of Obama’s crimes.

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How to Block the Daily Mail’s Column of Sleaze


Although it is only a UK paper, the Daily Mail has a huge world readership due to its inexplicably constant and instant coverage of sensational news stories from the United States.

But if you’ve ever followed a link to one of its stories you will quickly notice a barrage of sleazy pictures in its right-hand column. To make an occasion for lust seem like a ‘news’ event, the Daily Mail adds inventive captions for their racy photos of voluptuous nearly-naked women “reporting” that they were caught “showing off” this or that – or caught “failing to hide” this or that. Hugely meaningful “news” questions are added: Has she “gained weight”? Has she “lost weight”? Is she “showing their age”? Blah blah blah. It’s all a bunch of sordid nonsense.

Because the Daily Mail is generally conservative, its rival left wing papers have derided this hypocritical click-generating gimmick as the “Sidebar of Shame.

Well the following is a method for getting rid of this problem.

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Tim Conway’s Plagiarism and Stupidity

"I say all bibles have 2% error. If you say the AV has 0% error then you believe a myth and are an idolater."

“I say all bibles have 2% error. If you say the AV has 0% error then you believe a myth and are an idolater.”


Heretic Paul Washer – the Calvinist nut who specializes in ‘warning’ Christians that they aren’t really saved if they still sin – has an ignorant little preacher buddy named Tim Conway – a former Roman Catholic alcoholic/druggie whose sketchy ‘testimony‘ story consists of his ‘conversion’ from drugs to the religious life of repentance and do-goodism – he fancies himself competent to declare that the King James Bible is “just a translation” and contains errors.

And how did he come to such a moronic, erroneous, and blasphemous conclusion?? If you listen to his 1 hour and 20 minute long presentation “The Myth of King James Only” he refuses to disclose his source material because, he piously insists, “I want you to look it up for yourselves!”

Timmy the former coke head must still be missing a few brain cells because he evidently doesn’t realize how easily it is to figure out what he was reading from via an ordinary google search. As Timmy reads his so-called arguments against the King James Bible, just put them in quotes and guess what pops up in the search engine? WIKIPEDIA!!

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Media ‘Watchdog’ Brent Bozell turns Blind eye to Fakery


A news story is when the man bites the dog, not the other way around. The biggest news item of all time has been that the US News media faked the entire world on 9/11 – it was a sensational fraud. Computer simulations, crisis actors, media scripting, staged photos – all done hand in glove with the US Military to create the most spectacular and horrific event every broadcast – and it was all fake. Fake planes, fake witnesses, fake ‘jumpers’, fake ‘terrorists’, fake ‘heros’, fake cell calls, fake ‘missing loved ones’, fake ‘survivors’, – and even a fake opposition movement of fake ‘conspiracy theorists’ who would pretend that everything was real. The demolition of three vacated and obsolete buildings was the occasion for an entire Hollywood movie of fake drama – and a tremendous pretext for the American public’s support of the transformation of their country into an ugly despotic world empire where freedom and privacy no longer exist. The supremacy of the written US Constitution was set aside with as much ease as the first American Constitution – the ‘indissoluble’ Articles of Confederation – were, replaced by a new unwritten code of expediency called “National Security”. Under the aegis of this new ‘law of the land’ the feverish little gremlins in hidden government do whatever they please without any accountability.

And they run the news media – the source every one vainly expects will one day expose all such chicanery. But the ‘watchmen’ say nothing because they are part of the same charade. The entire media world – including TV, cable, print, – including both news and entertainment – has been consolidated and concentrated into the hands of just a few major companies which are controlled by just a small handful of billionaires – men like Ted Turner (Time-Warner), Rupert Murdoch (News Corp), Sumner Redstone (Viacom/CBS), and Roy Disney (Disney/ABC).  They decide what the world will hear on the Radio, read in the Paper, or see on the TV screen – and increasingly they decide what the internet will tell you.

Allegedly we have freedom of the press as an extension of the public’s right to know what their government is doing – but who ensures that the press is doing their job when they are just as unaccountable as the government is?  Who is sounding the alarm that a “Pravda” situation has now developed ? Pravda was the notoriously false propaganda news put out by the former Soviet Union – but the power of propaganda evaporates once everybody realizes that the source of news is lying to them. Pravda became a joke – and yet now the western media is descended to an even lower level.

Brent Bozell fancies himself one of those who will blow the whistle on the mainstream press – he is the guy behind “News Busters” and “Cybercast News Service”. Like his fellow whistle blower Joe Farah of “World Net Daily” fame, Bozell styles himself a conservative ‘Christian’ who is out to expose the bias and lies of the mainstream media.

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Suffered many things this day in a dream

Lichen (Torre Abbey, SW England)

Lichen (Torre Abbey, SW England)

“Men are so possessed of their own fancies, that they take them for oracles; and are arrived to some extraordinary revelations of truth, when indeed they do but dream dreams and amuse themselves with the fantastick ideas of a busy imagination.”
Causes of the Decay of Christian Piety, Richard Allestree (1667).

Today people have so cast aside the words of God, even Christians who have departed from the Holy King James Bible for the chaff of modernistic perversions, that they seek revelation from God wherever it might arise – including from their dreams. Of course, by failing to judge such ‘insights’ against the Bible they are hopeless dupes to their own vain imaginations and to Satanic oracles masquerading as divine.

Nevertheless, the Bible has plenty to say about dreams – and gives ample example of their interpretations. The interpretation of God-given messages are the province of God alone – Genesis 40:8 – so it behoves those seeking to understand their dreams to first thoroughly acquaint themselves with the scriptures. the AV 1611 is our final authority and all things – including dreams – that run afoul of what the Holy Bible says are to be unreservedly rejected by the child of God.

It is wrong to assume that most dreams have any significance at all – in fact, most of them should be ignored. It is a waste of time to worry about our dreams when we has so much more and plainer instructions already given to us in the Holy Bible.

For in the multitude of dreams and many words there are also divers vanities: but fear thou God.” Ecclesiastes 5:7.

In fact, those seeking answers to life’s problems from interpreting their own dreams are apt to be misguided because dreams often arise from the foolishness of the human heart and its own human desires.

It shall even be as when an hungry man dreameth, and, behold, he eateth; but he awaketh, and his soul is empty: or as when a thirsty man dreameth, and, behold, he drinketh; but he awaketh, and, behold, he is faint, and his soul hath appetite: so shall the multitude of all the nations be, that fight against mount Zion.” Isaiah 29:8.

A false dream of eating and drinking can arise from one’s own hunger and thirst – not from any divine message. People have a desire for something, and so they fall victim of the ‘confirmation bias‘ – they are listening for that which ratifies their own desires.

I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in my name, saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed.  How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? yea, they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart;” (Jer 23:25-26) 

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Is Richard Martinez Esq also a Crisis Actor?

Crisis actor test

First, let’s debunk some sensational claims. As you can see from the above image, alleged crisis actor Richard Martinez is not the screenwriter, author, and former Navy Seal Chuck Pfarrer. The position of their faces on their heads is quite different – for example, the bottom of Pfarrer’s chin is much closer to his mouth than is the case with Martinez.


Because their faces are located in different places, we can assert that they are not the same person. And yet even if the faces do match from the front, we would still need to match their profiles as being identical from the side before we would be safe in theorizing that they are possibly the same person.

Unfortunately there are people who use superficial things like hair, glasses, beard, and general ‘look’ to assume that people are the same – without ever doing any facial analysis. People that do that are either lazy researchers – or perhaps intentional disinformation agents who want to make distractions and sow confusion.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the Santa Barbara ‘shooting’ isn’t another gimmicky “live shooter drill” that the bumbling idiots in Homeland Security aren’t pawning off on the public – with the help of their propaganda news media accomplices – as a real event.

What do we know about this guy Richard Martinez, the alleged grieving father of an alleged shooting victim?  Is he a ‘crisis actor’?

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The Booze Banning Baptists

alcohol baptist muslim allah bosnia prohibition mafia

Mohamedian abstinence.

The Moslem is not allowed to drink alcohol. Mohamed commanded his people to whip and kill those that drink wine:

“If he drinks wine, flog him if he does it so again, a fourth time, kill him.” (Sunan Abud-dawud #4469)

This should cause Christians pause to think. If satanic fanatics are that crazed about teetotalism, is it really a godly impulse?

[By the way, Caucasian Moslems in Bosnia defy their religion by drinking alcohol daily - which probably says something about the natural European fondness for drink.]


Some hold the notion that Christianity is not about individual salvation, but is an ethical message that should be applied to the society at large.

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Is The Sabbath Sacred ??

Is the Sabbath a sacred day for Christians to observe ?

Thou camest down also upon mount Sinai, and spakest with them from heaven, and gavest them right judgments, and true laws, good statutes and commandments: And madest known unto them thy holy sabbath, and commandedst them precepts, statutes, and laws, by the hand of Moses thy servant:

Nehemiah 9:14.

Moses established the last day of the week as a special day of rest for the Jewish nation. The verse indicates it was not known before that time. So it is not a universal day of rest for the Gentiles – but only for the Jewish nation as a special sign between them and God. Read the rest of this entry »

Are Navy Seals Mind Control Victims?

Apparently the human mind will react to traumatic experiences in a predictable fashion, and this has reportedly led the CIA to study the use of torture, drugs, and hypnosis for mind control programming. Apparently such techniques can be used to create unwitting human puppets for the intelligence services.

Of course, these sorts of ‘studies’ are extremely criminal and all the ‘researchers’ involved in their development and use should be taken out and summarily shot. But that hasn’t happened (yet), and we seem to have on-going torture in places like Camp Gitmo, Cuba, where captured inept Moslem patsies can undergo enough systematic trauma that it will turn them into fanatical jihadi terrorists.

The US Military has also established allegedly “elite” military units such as the Navy Seals and Delta Force – and in order to get into these highly selective groups a sailor or soldier must endure horrendous amounts of ‘training’ that consists of undergoing a variety brutal physical tortures that would mentally break any normal person. The exercises aren’t designed to enhance stamina – but to test the breaking point. Only a few hand-picked applicants are allowed to enter the program, and even then a third fail to complete it. The men are  isolated, tortured, abused, drowned, kept awake, and pushed to their breaking point.  What sort of deep insecurity drives somebody to put up with all that so he can think of himself as ‘elite’ ? Is prestige and approval worth the price of one’s mental well-being? Whatever their reason, these men’s minds under such treatment probably switch into the same ‘survival’ mode of any mind-control subject in a CIA laboratory.

Some former Navy Seals and Delta Force men go on to have successful careers – others are thrown away.

Is it healthy that the US military puts its elite troops through trauma based brainwashing? Do active Navy Seal or Delta Force members have residual mental fortitude to disobey illegal orders? Would they guard drug shipments into the United States? Would they carry out false-flag operations on domestic soil? Would they assassinate US citizens?

Buddhists know about Hell


Wow! The following video is an amazing depiction of hell – and it comes from the Buddhist TV channel DMC. It shows Yama the king of hell delivering the sentence, then the chopping hell, and the burning hell, and so forth. Very intense:

DMC has some clever cartoons to propagate Buddhist ideas. Here is another one:

Of course, they are mixing truth with falsehood – those poor unsaved Buddhists need to understand that they will never escape hell or get to heaven based on their own merit.

They need to acknowledged their sin guilt in repentance to God and receive the grace and forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ who died and rose again to take away their sin.  That is the only way to get saved.

In fact, Jack Chick has a tract just for Buddhists that says just that.

The cartoonist Jack Chick has successfully used his cartoons for decades to preach the gospel. His ministry is greatly appreciated. It would be wonderful if we had 100′s more talented and godly Christians just like Jack Chick also using cartoons – but always with the scriptures! – to reach people for Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 1:23)


Obama says “America Should be Ashamed”

obama steaming pile

Obama running his mouth again.

Yes, America should be ashamed,

…. of Obama!

Obama is a Kenyan-born illegal alien who doesn’t even have a valid social security number and he is standing behind a computer generated forgery as his alleged ‘birth certificate.’

We don’t know his real name, but we do know he has a long-time connection to the communist underground and is friends with radical Marxist and Moslem terrorists. His educations credentials are believed to be entirely fictitious, he frequents sodomite bathhouses, and his known ‘jobs’ have only been with CIA and Communist fronts. He won and kept the presidency thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars in untraceable funds that were laundered into his campaign as small internet donations that do not need to be declared.

Obama is a treasonous domestic enemy of the American republic -  but he would never been in such a position were it not for many complicit enemies in positions of power that control the news media. They ridicule anyone who exposes Obama and cynically scream ‘racism’ at them – even at those blacker than him.

All the evidence of Obama’s ineligibility has been presented to the US judicial system on numerous occasions – but the all refuse to even receive or consider the evidence. The cases are all thrown out on patently specious technicalities and appeals are denied all the up to the Supreme Court – which itself now contains two lesbian losers appointed by Obama who refuse to recuse themselves.

Neither has the US Congress been any use as they have done nothing. Evidently Congress is 100% filled with corrupt criminals who are all subject to blackmail.

Meanwhile the media has been running imaginary news stories about ‘emergency events’ that are orchestrated by the federal government, the military, and the CIA. These hoax events are hyped by the criminal news media as pretexts justifying the creeping overthrow of America’s Constitution government. Their agenda is to transform the citizens of America into serfs under the emerging world government of the antichrist.

The bumbling sneaky idiots of various stripes and hues who are all working feverishly in the dark knitting together a coming world government all enviously imagine that they have something to gain by the disenfranchising and impoverishing of the power block of white, straight, middle-class, Protestant men that has created the world’s wealth and advancement – but they will only end up pulling down society to the utter destruction of themselves.

Yes, America, be ashamed that you didn’t have enough sense to immediately throw that loser Obama into the sea the moment you first heard his backward chanting of, “Thank you, Satan!



Amida, the False Messiah of Buddhism

Founder of Buddhism was a religious hypocrite who abandoned his wife and child.

Founder of Buddhism was a religious hypocrite who abandoned his wife and child.

Review #4 of “Teaching of the Buddha” – Today looking at Buddhism’s fictitious messiah figure, ‘Amida’ the Buddha of infinite light.

Direct link here.

Buddha’s Fantasy Land of Moral Relativism

Founder of Buddhism was a religious hypocrite who abandoned his wife and child.

Founder of Buddhism was a religious hypocrite who abandoned his wife and child.

Audio #3 in the Book review series looking at “The Teaching of the Buddha” – Today we look at Buddhism’s illogical nonsense that dares to call common sense and reality “absurd.”

Direct link page.

Update: links corrected.

Japan’s Population Problem


solve japan population problem

“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.”  Psalm 127:3-5.

Japan is facing a looming population decline due to the lack of children being born – and the government is under pressure to solve this problem.

Some say they need to allow more immigrants into the country. This is a stupid suggestion – immigrants would destroy Japan’s cohesive society and create all the ‘diversity’ problems that western nations now face after their foolish attempt to absorb masses of people from the third world. Read the rest of this entry »

King David’s Tomb Area


Notice the golden statue resembling King David above located right outside King David’s tomb which is below the traditional Upper Room.

According to this video below the Jews will be contaminated in King David’s tomb if Catholic Mass is celebrated in the Upper Room right above it. But these same Jews not only pray inside the tunnels under the Al-Aksa Mosque despite the Islamic idolatry, but they also engage in their own idolatry in the shape of a graven image of King David. Read the rest of this entry »


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