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Compare the Teeth of Alex Jones and Bill Hicks (gif)

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

Although he changed his appearance in many ways, Bill Hicks only has minor dental work done and this betrays his true identity.

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“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”
Harry S. Truman

Christopher Marlowe is to Bill Hicks, as Wm Shakespeare is to Alex Jones


“Am I in earth, in heaven, or in hell?
Sleeping or waking? mad or well-advised?
Known unto these, and to myself disguised!
I’ll say as they say and persever so,
And in this mist at all adventures go.”


The quote “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive,” doesn’t actually come from Shakespeare, but perhaps it could apply to him – and to also Alex Jones/Bill Hicks, his modern day counterpart.

William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe were born two months apart in 1564. Curiously, Marlowe’s baptism was on the 26th of February — the very day Bill Hicks would allegedly die exactly 430 years later.

Christopher Marlowe served Queen Elizabeth in a secret capacity that has never been revealed, but it appears to relate to services rendered for Sir Francis Walsingham, the Queen’s secretary of state and head of her intelligence services. In other words, Marlowe was a spy for the Queen.

He also managed to become the foremost poet and playwright of the day. Yet suddenly in May 1593 he was called to appear before the Privy Council to answer charges related to blasphemous writings, treason, atheism, and homosexual offences — all crimes punishable by death. When Marlowe’s roommate Thomas Kyd was taken into custody – and tortured – for the same allegations – Marlowe fled London. He ran to a tavern of Thomas Walsingham, a cousin of the Queen’s spy-master. There he allegedly got into a brawl and accidentally got himself stabbed himself in the eye wrestling with a ‘fixer’ named Ingram Frizer, and allegedly died. Frizer plead self-defence and was promptly pardoned by the Queen of all charges. And Marlowe’s body was allegedly buried in an unmarked grave.

The strangeness of Marlowe’s death was followed by the strange appearance only a few months afterwards of a stream of plays and poems matching Marlowe’s own inimitable style by the previously unknown “William Shakespeare” who had produced nothing before Marlowe’s alleged death. The person actually behind the purported ‘William Shakespeare’ identity had almost no education and could barely spell his own name correctly.

So it appears likely that in 1593 Christopher Marlowe, the famous playwright and British spy, faked his death after it was discovered that he was a subversive atheist/satanist and sodomite, and he then he resumed his literary career in exile under the guise of being this “William Shakespeare” – and he pulled it all off thanks to the assistance of the Queen’s intelligence services. Of course, it would be much easier to fake an identity in those days.

Well fast forward exactly 400 years to 1993 and consider Bill Hicks – he too was a subversive atheist/satanist loved by the British establishment. He was writing articles for ‘Scallywag Magazine‘ and they even were even trying to give him a TV show in the UK called ‘Counts of the Netherworld.’ Hick’s co-star Woodland Fallon became a convicted sexual predator after he got nabbed trying to solicit a minor for sex.

A famous Scallywag Magazine edition (with a Bill Hicks article in it) outed one of the most powerful people in Margret Thatcher’s government, Lord McAlpine, as a child-molesting sodomite — yet nothing became of it. Corrupt people in power can be controlled by threats of blackmail about their ‘rent boy’ activities – if such threats are credible. If there were no “Scallywag” magazines (or websites like Aangirfan and the recently sheep-dipped Chris Spivey) to carry leaked stories that allegedly expose the compromised politicians, then such political assets might lose their fear and become unmanageable. But no arrests are ever made – the perpetrator might expose everybody else involved. Therefore the only exposure happens to dead ones – like “Sir” Jimmy Savile and “Lord” Alpine – thrown to the wolves after they have died and can’t implicate their co-conspirators.


Bill Hicks’ handler in the USA was President Richard Nixon’s own close friend, Dr Frank Gannon from Oxford and the London School of Economics. Quintessential insider, (Bill Clinton’s) Georgetown Professor Carroll Quigley said of Gannon that he was “a very perceptive person with unusual opportunities to get inside“.

Bill Hicks was a media tool rubbing shoulders with the Anglo-American elite when he suddenly up and died in February 1994 ( … after 9 months of chemotherapy yet never losing any hair!)

After a two year gap, in 1996 Alex Jones starts his career by taking over Bill Hicks’ production company – and coincidently  having the same teeth, hair, eyes, face, hands height, and personality as Bill Hicks. How did a community college drop-out in Texas get access to so much UK based publicity and assistance? They put him on a BBC documentary special as breaking into Bohemian Grove ‘undercover’ and thus make Jones famous – and he’s had UK based contact Paul Joseph Watson publishing all his infowar articles.

It seems that another faker is the Beatles’ led singer Paul McCartney:

tell paul from faul

Paul McCartney died and they replaced him with a fake – “Sir” Paul McCartney. This has been demonstrated scientifically, but the media remains silent about it.

The UK intelligence services apparently enjoy doing the switcheroo sort of thing.

I don’t think this study is irrelevant for the student of bible prophesy. There are indications that the ‘death’ of one of the antichrists will lead to him being ‘reanimated’ — but only as a puppet.

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.” Revelation 13:3.

It doesn’t actually say that he will die and live again – only that it will seem that way. His wound is healed, but is he even alive? Has he been replaced? The intelligence services are going to carry out an amazing scam – the world’s ‘hero’ (the first antichrist) will seem to be killed and brought back to life – but he will be a puppet in the hands of the pope (anther antichrist, the second beast).

And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.  … And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” Revelation 13:12,15.

The deceptions we are exposing now are only adumbrations of much greater deceptions to come in the days ahead.


Deport all the Palestinians to Libya

palestinkianNow that Libya is a failed state, and Obama’s rebels have killed off all the country’s Negroes, it’s time to replace them with Palestinians.

Like most of the Palestinians, the 5,6 million Libyans speak Arabic and are rather lax Sunni Muslims. There is plenty of oil in Libya to pay for the absorption of the Palestinians into their society as equal citizens.


Settling them in the region of Cyrenaica might be useful to break up the cohesion in some rebellious areas, and there seems to be tremendous room for millions of people to settle along the sparsely populated coast from the Eyptian border to Bayda. The climate isn’t bad: this area gets less rain than Benghazi, but still much more than most of Libya. But vast water resources in the interior of Libya have yet to be fully tapped – and this will eventually support much future development.

The Palestinian deportation could begin with deporting all 1.7 million of the Gaza strippers as a first wave of settlement into Libya. The journey from Gaza to Cyrene by truck is only a 900 mile drive across the Egyptian coastline – about an 18 hour drive.

Next, deport the 2.7 million West-Bankers. By now the process has been streamlined and absorption centres in Libya are running at peak efficiency. Palestinians will be hard at work building themselves new apartments, new businesses, and new roads – all paid for by the oil wealth of the dead dictator Moamamar Kadaffi.

Finally, kick out the 1.6 million Moslem Palestinians living amongst the Jewish people in Israel – time for them all to go bye-bye! Whether they decide to fly, drive, or take a boat – they are all removed from amongst the Jews and sent to Libya.

And the “Peace Process” is now over — peace has finally been achieved … Hurrah!

Organized Christianity has gone to seed …

The Laodicean end of the church age is upon us. (Revelation 3:14-22). Welcome to the local “Community Church” where you will find:

1. The Worship team. Where to start with the idiotic worship team? Drums and guitars playing rock music and repetitive lyrics. Limelight seeking attention cravers end up on the ‘worship team’ – they dim the lights so the ‘stage lighting’ illuminates the performance – their attire ranges from ‘homeless-chic’ to ‘dare to bare’. They are LOUD.

2. No King James Bible – in fact no bible at all. Whatever is ‘relevant’ gets put on the overhead like a prop for pastor Jeff’s feelgood impactful relevant touchy-feely homily. If they do use the King James Bible – pastor Dr I.M. Clueless is sure to apologize about it and correct it with the Greek.

3. The leather wearing homo with the ear-ring and tattoo who has been standing in the front row with his hands raised all during the ‘worship’ and now he wants to shake your hand. Do you refuse and look like a ‘unloving’ jerk, or do you go ahead and risk catching AIDS ?? … time to run!

4. You look around and wonder, where are the normal white men? All you see are lots of anaemic teenagers, a few yuppie dads – all of them named Skip and Jeff –   and a couple old guys and a couple homos. Lots of lonely adult women. The church operates as a Sunday fad for people with kids, but little else. Real men don’t like hanging out in effeminate places that attract homos and women. The modern church is a religious hair salon.

Sometimes it’s just better to stay away. Read the AV and believe it. Sing a hymn. Pray like you mean it. And have your own time of fellowship with Jesus.

Ian Paisley has gone ahead to glory


Praise the Lord for the life or Dr Ian Paisley! He is now in heaven, no doubt shouting with joy. He wasn’t perfect, but for many years he set an outstanding example of how a Christian should raise his voice to contend against the wicked.

Sure, it would have been much better if he hadn’t made any compromises before he died. But oh well. He left us with that lesson too.

Fight the good fight of faith and do right.

Ian Paisley, RIP.

Martyrs Memorial, Free Presbyterian Church, Church, Belfast, Ulster, UK.

Martyrs Memorial, Free Presbyterian Church, Church, Belfast, Ulster, UK.

Podcast: Jewish misunderstandings

View page: JewishMisunderstandings

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Jeremiah 45 – five verses

robin1 1 The word that Jeremiah the prophet
spake unto Baruch the son of Neriah,

when he had written these words in a book
at the mouth of Jeremiah,

in the fourth year of Jehoiakim
the son of Josiah king of Judah,


 2 Thus saith the LORD,
the God of Israel,
unto thee, O Baruch:

 3 Thou didst say,
Woe is me now!

for the LORD hath added grief
to my sorrow;

I fainted in my sighing,
and I find no rest.

 4 Thus shalt thou say unto him,
The LORD saith thus;
Behold, that which I have built
will I break down,

and that which I have planted
I will pluck up,

even this whole land.

 5 And seekest thou great things for thyself?
seek them not:
for, behold, I will bring evil upon all flesh,
saith the LORD:

but thy life will I give unto thee
for a prey

in all places
whither thou goest.


= = =

Insane Modern Doctors Chop Babies’ Penises Off

Up until recently doctors in the government socialist health service of the UK and Canada would decide that if an infant boy’s penis was too short, he should be emasculated and raised as a girl. Apparently this was actually a common policy for many years – “ambiguous genitalia” babies were surgically turned into girls! Sometime in the 1990’s it began to fall out of favour once the story of David Reimer came to light. His doctor wrote a famous report that falsely claimed that after Reimer, as a new-born infant in 1965, lost his penis in a botched circumcision, he was then ‘successfully’ changed into a female by ‘gender reassignment’ surgery – becoming an alleged ‘model case’ that helped launch the insane fad to surgically turn ‘micropenis’ baby boys into girls. But as an adult Reimer was able to expose how his doctor’s report was a hoax, and by going public he laid bare the medical quackery and lies behind the lunatical ‘infant transgender’ phenomena. He tragically committed suicide in 2004. It seems that infant gender re-assignments actually began in the 1950’s – but popularization of the Reimer hoax in the 1960’s made it go mainstream.

How many ‘females’ are there alive today are actually men who were raised under this insane policy? One article even states, “many adults who have had these operations in infancy have never been candidly informed of their medical histories.”

This transvestite has some explaining to do.

This transvestite has some explaining to do.

Recently we learned that Michelle Obama is really a man – a revelation that some wonder may have cost Joan Rivers her life.

That is because the gender reassignment people think it is their right to deceive the public. In fact, governments and courts are now cooperating in the deception by doing everything they can to help gender-reassignment freaks by giving them new identification and even hiding public records that reveal what the freak’s ‘prior gender’ was.

serena-williams-he-manWas the very masculine tennis star Serena Williams born a man in 1981?


Was the masculine looking singer ‘Beyonce’  born as a man in 1981?


Was the masculine looking actress ‘Jessica Biel’ born as a man in 1982?


Was the very manly looking singer ‘Lady Gaga’ born as a man in 1986?


Was the manly looking tennis player ‘Amélie Mauresmo’ born as a man in 1979?

Putting trust in doctors is obviously a big mistake. How many of these weirdos have those idiots created??

The False Flag Parade

boston marathon bomb


Before the creative special affects guys from Hollywood got involved, false-flag attacks used to be perpetrated with a certain amount of real bloodshed. That stopped for a while when it became apparent that you could use video trickery to show news footage of thousands of dead victims – all of them fictitious – generated entirely by the computer. That was great advancement in the art of government propaganda.

Certainly media hoaxing will continue, except that now that many people are aware of the phenomenon of having their sympathy mocked with fake victims, one has to wonder whether the government will be forced to revert back to launching real self-inflicted wounds once again?

It’s the natural progression of events, having already chosen this path of manipulating the public with terror, that they continue down that path. And they will have to come up with something massive to awaken an increasingly jaded and cynical population.Euro_2_001_3

But once the commands are given to make real blood flow in the streets, there will likely be defections in the ranks of the conspirators as conscientious objectors among them draw the line. Blowing up gibbering Moslems in a far away time zone might be just fine with the assassination teams, but using death squads at home against US citizens is quite another matter. That’s why dictators have historically recruited foreign troops to do their dirty work against the people.

The USA is mystery Babylon the Great, and according to Jeremiah 50-51 and Revelation 17-18 it is on the downward spiral to total destruction.

The verse “come out of her my people” applies to the USA (Rev 18:4). The signal for the timing when to leave is given in Jeremiah:

My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the LORD. And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler.” Jeremiah 51:45-46.

When the violent power-strugle in the USA breaks out: LEAVE!

Until then, watch and pray. And keep your firearms and ammo handy.

Alex Jones Poses at Stratfor Office?

Not the same.

Not the same.

Various sloppy researchers have concluded that Alex Jones staged a photo at the Stratfor office of Dr George Friedman. Although there may be evidence elsewhere suggesting ties between Infowars and the Austin based intelligence firm Stratfor, this map image isn’t one of them.

A world wall-maps can be had for less than $200.


Wedding in Brighton, UK


Primary school

Stratfor training very short Mossad agents.

Stratfor training for very short Mossad agents?

Scotland’s Independence and the coming White Horse Rider


Scotland will be holding a referendum on its independence in a few days on the following question: “”Should Scotland be an independent country?”

A “yes” vote is sure to result in a lot of intense debate about what the word ‘independent’ means and how exactly Scotland intends to govern itself. Everything will be on the table, from keeping the monarchy, to naming their own monarch, or ditching royalty altogether and setting up a constitutional republic, perhaps as a member of the British Commonwealth, or perhaps the European Union, perhaps go completely independent.

With Scotland’s oil and gas resources, and it’s industrious and intelligent people, it has the potential of being a very wealthy country on its own. And England would suffer a huge loss of revenue which would really pinch their socialist la la land.


I suspect this will end up diminishing both the English and Scottish parliaments and vastly increase the role of the monarchy because it will probably be the sole remaining political tie between them. The “united” in UK will mean come to mean only one thing, the Crown. That would put the UK states on a par with Commonwealth countries – and that could lead to a very interesting political shake-up (See, Daniel 7:4).


Bill Hicks/Alex Jones inside joke photo prop


One of Bill Hicks’ jokes in support of abortion was, “You’re not a human until you’re in my phonebook.” So when they were manufacturing fictional childhood photos for Bill’s new fake identity “Alex Jones” they put a clever little prop in the background, a phonebook … oh the hilarity, ha ha ha.

Here’s another one – in the background is “Tony Clifton” – the comedian Andy Kaufman’s fake-persona. Kaufman was so fond of practical jokes, like fooling people by pretending to be ‘Tony Clifton,” that speculation runs high that Kaufman faked his own death. Inserting this character into the background, complete with his funny hand gesture, is the perfect inside gag.



Fake Photos from the Fake Mars Rover

Lately there has been some excitement over what appears to be a bone photographed by the NASA curiosity rover on Mars. If it is an actual bone, that would only confirm the Genesis account because the universe was flooded between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 – something ‘young earth creationists’ refuse to admit.

But the excitement is probably misplaced anyhow because everything NASA puts out is highly suspect.


How is it possible to take a self-portrait without showing the arm extended out holding the camera?

A strange wild-eyed grinning expression of thrilling wonderment comes over the face of the brainwashed when they hear the suggestion that NASA is faking photos — they stare in delight finally having met one of those ‘conspiracy theorists’ they had heard existed, but so rare that they never imagined ever encountering one in person. It’s rather pitiful.

Anyhow, the alleged Mars photos look just like the Mohave desert, they show moving rocks, colour manipulating, photoshopping, copy-paste backgrounds, fake tracts, chiselled rocks, buried equipment, groundhogs, flying planes, pottery, roads in the distance, and even smog.

Are you in doubt? Well don’t be, just download this photo directly from NASA’s webpage and see it for yourself:

Mohave ground squirrel on Mars

Mohave ground squirrel on Mars

Since I don’t believe Mohave ground squirrels live on Mars, I have to conclude the Mars mission is a hoax. I won’t be getting excited about any pictures of any dinosaur bones that show up, unless I want to go out into the Mohave desert to see them for myself.

= = =

Update: the rodent may also be a Botta’s Pocket Gopher.

= = =

Update: Addition fakery –>

A muddy cliff in the Mojave desert with the remains of Indian pottery:

What’s a Jew?

Genesis 10

Genesis 10.

The modern world begins in Genesis chapter 10 that details how Noah’s 3 sons had sons, and it was their families that went on to become the ‘nations’ of the earth.

This demonstrates that families of people related by blood create nations. A nation is comprised of many people that share a common ancestor.

The human family split into three races from Noah’s three sons, and then split up into various families that each became various ‘nations’.

So the generations of the sons of Noah have been divided into their own lands and countries after their own t0ngues, families, and nations.

Who a person is thus depends primarily on who his father is, yet that is just the first component. Many other factors explain his identity, including who his other relatives are, where he was born, where he lives, what language he speaks, and his political allegiances.

Although Noah served the true God, polytheism developed in succeeding generations and families came to worship proprietary deities of their own invention (Genesis 31:30). Thus an important thread of national identity became religious association – separate people worshipped their own national gods handed down to them by their ancestors.

Perhaps the first ‘Jew’ was Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, called ‘Abram the Hebrew‘. The word Hebrew comes from the name Eber. Thus Abram’s national identity began seven generations earlier in Genesis chapter 10 with his ancestor Eber, a notable great-grandson of Shem. Read the rest of this entry »



Read the rest of this entry »

Lorenzo Ghiberti’s Gate of Paradise: NOAH


Italy , Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore , Golden Door, Florence

Noah (Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence)

The pyramid is Noah’s ark. The eight people by the door, Noah and his family. Lower right, the sacrifice of thanks after their deliverance.  Lower left is the incident where Ham was cursed.

China/Russia attack the dollar … expect World War 3

The oil and gas shortage is a scam by OPEC, the oil companies, and the US Government.

Venezuela that pumps and refines its own oil into gasoline for its own population and is able to sell at a price of only 6 cents per gallon. They are considering raising the price to cover the current ‘cost of production’ of 2.50 bolivars per litre. That’s equal to 9.46 bolivars per gallon, and at the current market currency rate (58/dollar), it equals only 16 cents per gallon! So to cover its costs, Venezuela only needs to charge 16 cents per gallon … what a deal!

Obviously something is very wrong in the world – a monopoly cartel has taken over the world’s oil and gas production.

They want to have Russia fully cooperate with this cartel instead of getting rich by over-production, but financial sanctions have now backfired – Russia will now start selling oil in currencies other than dollars.

Russia wants to operate as a loose canon, getting rich off the hard-work of creating a monopoly that the USA has engineered, yet while not paying the USA back by doing its business in dollars.

The USA won’t let that happen. Russia will either back down and revert to oil sales in dollars, or World War 3 will commence.

Russia is going to lose WW3.

See earlier article World War 3 and World War 4 for details on how the Bible explains exactly what is going to happen.

Is Shinto a ‘foreign religion’ imported into Japan by Jews?


The Tengu allegedly lived in the mountains and gave to seekers a “tora-no-maki”  (scroll of the ‘torah’?).

Just thought I’d jot down a few notes here about religion in Japan, a country that desperately needs Jesus Christ.

Read the rest of this entry »

Jerome Corsi says Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks is now Alex Jones says Jerome Corsi

They removed the video, but the beans were already spilled. (

Blacks are the nephilim

neanderthalman charles darwin beagleFossils show that Noah’s buried Neanderthals, Homo-erectus, Cro-magnon man, and others. Where did they come from? Their bones exist and that proves that the human race was not created alone in Genesis 1 and 2.

Although God made Adam a living soul and put him in a special garden to be his race of priests and kings over all of creation. But he also made other inferior wild races of men.

Read the rest of this entry »


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